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Gorilla Logic’s Proprietary Security Training

In today’s technical environment opportunities for security breaches continue to grow and evolve. Gorilla Logic has seen this evolution of security concerns with many clients and understands the severity of these threats. In order to deliver maximum value to our clients, we have continually evolved our training process to ensure our Gorillas are well-trained in the development of secure systems.

Each of our Gorillas goes through fundamental security training so that they are equipped to address current and future security concerns throughout the entire application process. This training incorporates best practices derived from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), as well as compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.

“We believe that security is a first-class priority for any software we build,” says Jay Wallingford, CTO of Gorilla Logic. In order to do so, we are making additions to our training programs including introducing a higher level certification program. In this program, Gorillas gain an even deeper understanding of OWASP, cover more in-depth coding examples, explore penetration testing, static analysis, and automated security testing. This Gorilla-exclusive certification program allows us to provide clients with security specialists, as well as give other Gorillas additional expert team members to tap into.

We continuously review security breaches and use newly discovered threats in an ongoing effort to make improvements to this training. Every year, more of our solutions are deployed on cloud infrastructure. As this change has occurred, our training has evolved so that our Cloud solution developers are comfortable developing and deploying those solutions securely.

Gorilla Logic is also implementing additional training tailored to DevOps. The DevOps security training will teach our Gorillas to make security testing part of the CI/CD process. This will allow them to automatically run tests before putting code into production by integrating with open-source technology like SonarQube.

For more on Gorilla Logic’s security capabilities, click here.

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