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Modern application security spanning the full spectrum of threat vectors
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Multi-layer Security Solutions that Address the Evolving Threat Landscape

Soaring demand for cloud and application security is being fueled by an explosion in cloud adoption, mobility, IoT and BYOD policies. You need a well thought out security plan behind every app – one that provides proactive mitigation, real-time visibility and an immediate response. However the growing IT security skills shortage may leave you without the expertise you need to handle new, ongoing threats.

Don’t let a lack of resources compromise your security posture. Gorilla Logic’s certified security professionals use advanced business protection and threat intelligence to develop and deploy multi-layer security solutions that safeguard your business-critical applications.

Our Practice Leads
Rodolfo Campos

Rodolfo Campos

Security Practice Lead

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Application Security Best Practices

We prioritize security, because our security is your security. We’re ISO-2700 compliant, so you can be confident that the web and mobile solutions we build for you protect your data, improve your ability to achieve compliance, reduce your risk from cyber threats, and build greater resilience with evolving threats.

Our dedicated Security Practice, staffed with security domain experts, ensures we adhere to best practices throughout the full software development lifecycle, starting at the very beginning.

In fact, all of our Gorilla developers undergo extensive application security training through the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) – a worldwide organization focused on improving the security of software. They also collaborate with our Secure DevOps teams to jointly develop secure application architecture and deployment environments for web and mobile apps based solely on your current and future needs, not the latest, buzzy solution.

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Security Built from the Start

Build security from the start” is the mantra for all of our Gorillas. Using our proprietary Agile methodology, we address every conceivable security issue throughout the application development process. We also test and evaluate our applications according to our clients’ applicable compliance mandates such as HIPAA and PCI DSS. This allows us to identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities early, maintain project timelines, and deliver secure, compliant applications. Read more:

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Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation

Vulnerability scanning is an essential first step in building a viable cyber defense. Gorilla Logic uses a broad portfolio of technologies such as Fortify and Veracode to detect, classify and address system weaknesses – ensuring the security of your applications.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

The bar has been raised on application identity and access management. Companies can now leverage a variety of identity and access management tools including sign on via social media handles such as Facebook and Twitter, and single sign-on (SSO) with SAML and OAuth. Gorilla Logic uses trusted identity and access management solutions that mitigate risk while providing seamless access to valid users.

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Application Penetration Testing

In addition to scanning code for vulnerabilities, Gorilla Logic runs penetration tests against running applications. These penetration tests verify the strength of your production configuration while providing an additional layer of defense. This ensures that no new vulnerabilities have been introduced since the last code scan.

Secure your applications using the right tools and resources.

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