DevOps and Cloud

Gorillas to guide you through your cloud transformation

An increasing number of enterprises are adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies – taking advantage of resource elasticity, cost-efficiencies and limitless scale-out capacity. IDC predicts that by 2021, 90% of all enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms. But selecting the right platform, architecting a multi-cloud solution and modernizing operations is complex and difficult to handle alone.

Our Practice Leads
David Caballero

David Caballero

DevOps Practice Lead

AWS Partner Network. Standard Consulting Partner

AWS Standard Consulting Partner

As an AWS Consulting Partner, Gorilla Logic offers a secure, flexible portfolio of services using AWS solutions in serverless architectures, managed services and hosted solutions – creating new opportunities for clients to increase operational efficiency, generate new revenue streams, and enhance the customer experience.

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Simplify Your Cloud Journey with a Band of Gorillas

Gorilla Logic provides enterprises with experienced, savvy Gorillas who build custom solutions leveraging AWS, Microsoft Azure, private cloud and other cloud suppliers. By building in continuous integration, delivery and performance testing, enterprises can realize always-on availability, workload mobility and end-to-end visibility with their cloud infrastructures.

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Deliver Quality Applications Fast

Our Gorillas take a holistic view of your application architecture and service delivery processes. They then create the build and continuous integration and deployment system that fits your unique requirements.

  • Source Control – Git, GitHub, SVN, CVS
  • Build – Maven, Gradle, Ant
  • Continuous Integration – Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, Bamboo, CodeBuild and Team City
  • Unit and Automated Testing – JUnit, NUnit, Mocha, Selenium, Appium, Rest-Assured
  • Deployment – Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform
Gold Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Gorilla Logic is part of an elite group of developers who deliver intelligent, flexible solutions built for cloud, hybrid and on-premises scenarios. Leveraging their expertise in modern cloud application development, cloud security, and advanced analytics and reporting, our Gorillas help clients modernize and differentiate their businesses to succeed in the cloud-first world.

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Performance Tuning for an Always-on Experience

Gorilla Logic doesn’t just build high-performance apps. We also explore the bounds of what they can do. We put our apps through every “What if?” scenario we can imagine – testing usability, scalability, reliability, failover and more. We test, monitor, analyze and fine-tune our apps so they deliver the experience your users expect – every time.

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Security From the Start

From OWASP vetted code to scalable, maintainable user management, authentication and authorization, to infrastructure vulnerability scanning, our Gorillas takes a security-first approach to building your cloud environment. So, you get performance and peace of mind.

  • Network Isolation – Route53, AWS VPC, Nginx
  • Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking – Nmap, SQLMap, Metaspoit, SecList
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Monitoring Insights

Gorilla Logic’s monitoring services provide key insights into performance history that empower customers to make informed, data-driven decisions. We deliver a comprehensive, unified view of systems activity, so that every day is “business as usual” for our customers.

  • Monitoring – NewRelic, Nagios, Splunk, CloudWatch
  • Operations Management – VictorOps, PagerDuty
  • Support Systems – ZenDesk, Salesforce
  • Database Monitoring – Dynatrace, Nagios, AppDynamics, AWS RDS Monitoring

Succeed in the cloud. We can show you how.

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