Case Study

Case Study: Improving an eCommerce Site's UX and Design for Increased Revenue

ClientIndustrySolution ProvidedTechnologies/Methodologies Used
Consumer goods companyE-CommerceDigital Product DesignStrategic Design, User Research, Validation Testing, Content Strategy, Agile Methodology, Figma, Web, Dovetail

The Challenge

Following a recent rebrand, this consumer goods company needed to continue refining its brand and improve the user experience of its eCommerce site before an upcoming holiday season rush. The company was already partnering with Gorilla Logic for backend development services and was impressed with the quality of work, so expanding the engagement to include design and user experience strategy was a no-brainer. 

Prior to engaging Gorilla Logic’s design team, the company’s site featured inconsistent navigation and lacked the human-centered design and mobile-first principles required to establish dominance in the market. The initial product, while thorough and robust, did not offer an optimal user experience, and placed a high cognitive load on users when completing tasks.

The client selected Gorilla Logic to help them:

  • Conduct a holistic audit of the site’s UX, UI, and informational architecture
  • Apply human-centered design and mobile-first principles throughout the site
  • Improve user experience and navigation and decrease cognitive load 
  • Establish consistency across layouts and design elements while balancing both business and consumer needs
  • Lead internal stakeholder interviews to help prioritize design work and create a framework for future improvements 

The Gorilla Logic Approach

Gorilla Logic created a comprehensive audit of the client’s user experience, specifically aligned with key requirements for the upcoming holiday season. Utilizing Dovetail’s tagging capabilities, Gorilla Logic was able to accurately log issues found during the audit and synthesize findings into key bucket items for the client’s internal stakeholders to review and prioritize. Gorilla Logic flagged more than 212 issues in the audit, including performance, accessibility, and poor usability issues. The audit also noted the frequency of each issue along with proposed solutions. As a result of the audit, Gorilla Logic identified the need to take a mobile-first approach to design and test in both Android and iOS environments for bug fixes and bigger solves.

In addition to the audit, Gorilla Logic created a qualitative research initiative, in which internal stakeholders were interviewed and observed while completing a set of tasks to gain a deeper understanding of the user experience and which issues were most critical. 

Gorilla Logic's designers provided the following key deliverables:

  • Set up a framework for qualitative interview methods and best practices to be used for stakeholder interviews and future user interviews.
  • Flagged 102 priority areas of improvement to focus on before the holiday season, and 110 more–organized by priority–to be addressed in the future.
  • Created a cohesive design system to align the product from end to end and introduce accessibility and scalability best practices throughout the user experience. 
  • Restructured the site’s navigational architecture to better complement user logic in time for the holiday season.
  • Reduced amount of rework through design collaboration and focus on mobile-first design.

“Cyber Monday [2023] was the largest day of website revenue in our history, with it being 31% higher than the previous high [Cyber Monday 2022]."

–Director of Technology

Business Outcomes

Following the release of new features proposed and designed by Gorilla Logic, the client experienced a record-breaking Cyber Monday in 2023. 

Additionally, Gorilla Logic’s efforts resulted in:

  • Increased performance, sales, and user retention
  • Optimized workflows and user experience 
  • Decreased amount of time a user needs to customize and purchase orders

As this is an ongoing partnership, Gorilla Logic's design team is putting together a buildable approach for new capabilities to further improve user experience, along with notes for future editions, to be built in 2024.

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