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Agile Development Teams

Custom Teams for Custom Web and Mobile App Development
Scaled Agile Partner

Gorilla Logic provides dedicated Agile teams for companies with complex, full-stack web and mobile development projects. We swiftly build and scale teams of expert, nearshore developers  to accommodate your changing requirements and fast-moving timelines. You’re in full control so you can plan your product releases faster—and keep them off the back burner.

Gorilla Logic's development teams are…


Our lightweight Agile development services  are customized to your project needs and Agile maturity.

  • Incremental deliverables
  • Transparent project management
  • Skillfully prioritized tasks


We can scale dynamically with you based on your unique requirements and business objectives.

  • Diverse technical expertise
  • Faster response to changes
  • Resources you need, when you need them

High-performing & self-managing

Scaling with our Agile teams requires less oversight, so your time can be spent on higher-value activities.

  • Extensions of existing resources
  • Unified teams that you control
  • Supportive management by Practice Leads

Transparent & collaborative

You get frequent, direct communication between you and your developers, using your tools and processes.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Ongoing access to devs via video and chat
  • Daily standups and project updates

Vetted based on your needs

We provide engineers who are technically and culturally aligned with your team, and who also share your passion.

Engaged & dependable

We work hard to ensure our consultants have the support they need to do their best work for our clients.

  • Well established culture
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Annual education benefits

How Gorilla Logic’s Agile teams are different–in all the right ways

To keep up with rapidly evolving technologies, nimble competitors, and changing consumer preferences, turning to outsourcing for additional developers is often necessary.

But when scaling resources, the process should complement your environment and enable you to deliver value faster, without making unnecessary (or painful) sacrifices. These extensions of your team should be easily accessible and customizable—which is why Gorilla Logic offers purpose-built nearshore Agile development teams. From seamless integration with your organization’s internal resources to strong foundations in self-management, our Agile teams accelerate project velocity rather than slow you down.

Partnering with Gorilla Logic offers exponentially more value than an equal number of disparate developers engaged through a traditional staff augmentation model.

Here are just a few reasons why companies choose Gorilla Logic’s Agile teams:

  • The efficiency of a self-organizing Agile team is best for complex and/or business-critical application builds.
  • Gorilla Logic’s Agile teams are cohesive, supportive units. They can respond faster to changes and require less oversight.
  • When challenges arise, our Agile teams can more readily tap into additional resources, whether it’s a knowledgeable team member, Practice Lead, or Solution Engineer.

See the power of Agile teams

See the power of Agile teams

With Gorilla Logic’s help, JumpCloud speeds delivery of high-quality features for its SaaS product build by scaling its Agile development team.

Unlock the power of business agility with Gorilla Logic’s Agile development teams

  • Fewer developer hours
  • Less time spent on administrative tasks
  • Decreased rework
  • Higher levels of collaboration
  • Happier internal team members
  • Faster speed to results
  • Confidence in your choice of development partner

Choose an Agile development partner with over 20 years of experience.