Case Study

Case Study: Luxury Travel & Hospitality Company Modernizes 10-Year-Old Codebase With Gorilla Logic

ClientIndustrySolution ProvidedTechnologies Used
Luxury travel companyLuxury Travel & HospitalityLegacy ModernizationC#, XUnit, Playwright, React, NextJS, .Net 6, JavaScript, Bicep, Terraform, Azure DevOps, Functions, App Services, Service Bus, CosmosDB & SQL

The Challenge

This luxury hospitality company needed a product development partner to help guide a multi-year initiative to modernize their legacy codebase in their efforts to improve user experience on their web & mobile applications. The company knew that modernizing would also help them to deliver new features faster without impacting other subdomains, and would ultimately reduce costs while optimizing performance.

The client wanted to work with a strategic and proactive partner like Gorilla Logic, who wouldn’t just follow orders, but leverage their own expertise to guide the new technology strategy and implement legacy modernization as a team.

The client selected Gorilla Logic to help them:

  • Develop a strategic plan for technology transformation
  • Move to an automated continuous delivery & improvement (CD/CI) approach & build a new CI/CD pipeline to improve time to market
  • Modernize their 10-year-old legacy codebase
  • Transition from manual QA testing to automated QA testing

The Gorilla Logic Approach

Gorilla Logic put together multiple teams of contemporary Cloud technologists, including full-stack devs, DevOps engineers, and QA Automation engineers to assess the client’s current technologies & systems and then architect and modernize the legacy application.

After seeing that the client’s legacy solutions were written in .Net and tied to Windows, the Gorilla Logic team decided to migrate to .Net 6–considered the most recent stable version of the .Net framework–to deploy new solutions on Linux and improve performance. As for the migration approach, the team decided to refactor code using the Strangler Fig architecture pattern and event-driven approach, popular methods for migrating or modernizing solutions in small increments. This allows for the new code to coexist and be compatible with the legacy systems.

The team selected Azure Functions to support the new event-driven architecture, as well as its ease of integration with other Azure services. Gorilla Logic’s Cloud technologists also leveraged Azure CosmosDB for its flexibility and automatic scaling capabilities to support the event-driven architecture.

“We see a lot of behaviors from Gorilla Logic that show they care about our account and the work they do. They approach this engagement as a strategic partnership; they don’t just see us as a client.”

–VP of Technology

Business Outcomes

Equipped with the DevOps expertise and modernization experience of Gorilla Logic’s team, the luxury travel company is developing their applications at twice the speed they were accustomed to, improving their automated testing processes, and getting the technical guidance they need to successfully modernize their legacy software.

In an ongoing partnership, these efforts are resulting in:

  • Improved user experience in the company’s web and mobile apps
  • Cost-savings from moving to a serverless environment
  • A successful transition from manual testing to automated testing 
  • A new CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps, generating a faster time to market for new features

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