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What is Gorilla Labs?

Keeping the best software engineers challenged isn’t easy. One way we retain our quality talent is by engaging their curiosity on a Gorilla Labs project. In Gorilla Labs, our engineers push themselves beyond their limits by learning new tools and skills to help our clients.

Testing Automation Vlog

This Gorilla Labs team was so inspired by their test automation project that they created a video to capture the process and share the solution.

Amazon Cognito for iOS and Android

This developer tutorial explores Amazon Cognito, how to integrate it with iOS and Android platforms and possible roadbocks.
AWS Cognito

How to Build a Face Recognition App in iOS Using CoreML and Turi Create

Following the Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning trend? Learn how to build a face recognition app using CoreML, a Python server, and Turi Create.
Turi Create

Winston: A Virtual HR Assistant Created with Amazon Lex and Slack

Meet Winston, a virtual HR assistant created by a few Gorillas, and learn how to create a slack-integrated chatbot like Winston using Amazon Lex and Slack.
Artificial Intelligence

In Search of Happiness: A Quick ETL Use Case with AWS Glue + Redshift

Some Gorillas explored the challenges of using, testing and gathering knowledge about AWS Glue in order to crawl, merge and write data for ETL processes.
AWS Glue

Test Automation Tool

Some Gorillas created test automation software designed to take Swagger data, process user-defined input criteria, and display the test results.
API Microservices

Mobile NFC Technology

In this blog series, we will tackle a quick introduction of NFC Technology and current capabilities of mobile NFC on Android and iOS.
Near Field Communication

Hyperledger Fabric

The Hyperledger Fabric Developer Tutorial series is all about building business logic and deploying it onto your own blockchain.
Hyperledger Fabric

Apple Watch HealthKit Developer Tutorial: How to Build a Workout App

Having a healthier lifestyle is a challenge for many people. This Apple Watch HealthKit developer tutorial explains how to build a workout tracker App.
Apple Watch

iBeacons and Hue Lights

Learn how a small band of Gorillas created an iBeacons and Hue Lights project using different technologies in this four-part series.
Beacon SDK

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The kind of talent that reinforces your existing team and gets the job done. We provide savvy, experienced Gorillas who possess the specialized skills you needed yesterday.


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