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“Hire great people and everything else takes care of itself.”

– Stu Stern, Co-Founder

While we are a talent magnet for many experienced developers, we are selective (OK, very picky) about who joins our band of Gorillas. We know that beyond having the technical chops, our Gorillas must be open communicators and passionate problem solvers who can readily adapt to our clients’ environments. We run our candidates through a rigorous vetting process – with the ability to test skills for dozens of different roles and technologies. Then we dig deeper to assess their problem solving and collaboration skills, and determine how their experience fits with your requirements.

We put our Gorillas through their paces so you can expect technology athletes who relish taking on your most complex projects. And unlike other outsourcing firms, we guarantee all of our Gorillas. As one global CIO puts it, “We have set a new bar for partner relationships after working with Gorilla Logic.”

  • Full stack development expertise
  • Your tools and processes
  • English language and cultural fluency
  • U.S. timezone alignment
  • Dedicated teams deliver results fast
  • Agile software development best practices
  • Headquarters located in Boulder, CO
  • Client-focused approach
  • Critical problem solving
  • Positive collaboration
  • No jerks  😉

If you’re looking for a traditional IT outsourcing firm, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Typical IT outsourcing firms waste your time & money by choosing devs based on what they have available. You end up with resources that don’t have the expertise needed for your project – risking delivery and quality. Gorilla Logic thoroughly vets existing Gorillas and outside candidates to fit the exact skills, experience and work styles you need. Work with them as long as you want, or swap them out at any time, for any reason. 

Screening process customized to client needs

Rigorous technical and English fluency testing for all Gorillas

Top three resources – all of whom can technically do the job – are presented to the client

Leverage Agile Teams

It’s not just raw technical talent – our teams bring the collaborative skills and reliability needed to deliver real results. Learn why high-impact companies hire our Agile Gorillas for their high-stakes projects.


Our Costa Rica-, Colombia-, and US-based Agile software developers can help you achieve real cost savings while increasing your overall delivery quality and velocity. As one global CIO puts it, “We have set a new bar for partner relationships after working with Gorilla Logic.”

Our global talent team puts candidates through a rigorous vetting process. We provide our clients with Gorillas who are not only technically and culturally aligned with your team, but also share their passion.

Our Gorillas thrive on creating and engineering great software that helps transform our clients’ businesses. They get their kicks from solving tough problems and finding ways to be better everyday.

Deliver off-the-chart results.

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