When It’s Time to Power Your Business with Business Intelligence


First, What Is Business Intelligence?

Some people think that business intelligence is just retrieving information from a database, and creating reports and dashboards. At Gorilla Logic, we see business intelligence as much more than that. We define it as a set of processes, technologies, and tools that help convert data into real information. Once we have that information, we use it to create knowledge. And that knowledge helps our clients make better business decisions faster.

I’m Daniel Bertarioni Chaves and I’m a business intelligence engineer at Gorilla Logic. I started my work here on internal business intelligence projects, and now I am helping our customers in the same area. 


What’s the Big Deal about Big Data and Business Intelligence?

Why is business intelligence so important now?  Well, the core of business intelligence is data and we are in a digital era where everything is data. Have you ever thought of how much data we are creating and storing every day? One study indicated that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years alone. Think of all the electronic devices you have and how much data you create and store every day, all the bills you pay with your credit card, all the emails and text messages you send, all the pictures you take, all the times you click Like on Facebook. All of that is data, data that someone might be interested in and find a way to make money with. That is why some people think that data is the gold of this century. In fact, big data specialists have become one of the most attractive professions of this century according to the Harvard Business Review.


What’s Involved in a Business Intelligence Solution?

Business intelligence is not related to one specific tool, it is related to a group of processes that involve the use of a variety of tools. The tools available include:

• A data store

• An ELT(extract, load, and transform) tool

• A data cleaning tool

• A data visualization tool


Case Study: Business Intelligence for Gorilla Logic

At Gorilla Logic, we import data from our different business systems using different APIs. We store everything in a SQL Azure database (data store). Once we have all the data, we extract, load, and transform the data using Azure data factory. Next, we clean our data using Tableau Prep or R. Finally, we use Tableau Desktop to create reports and dashboards. 

Every report we create is in our Tableau online server. Users have access to the reports through the website or the Tableau application on a smartphone or tablet. In this way all of our managers have access to all the information they need to make important decisions. 


Case Study: Business Intelligence for a Data-Intensive Company

A Gorilla Logic client, for which data is business-critical, works with and loads thousands of data records every day.  Pulling from multiple data sources, they store all the data they need in a SQL Server database. Then, they extract and transform the data they need using SSIS packages. Next, they load the new data into different SQL Server instances. Based on specified business rules they split the data into different data marts. Finally, they use Sisense to enable users to consume the data, and create custom reports and dashboards by themselves. 



How Can Gorilla Logic Help You with Business Intelligence?

Businesses are increasingly using business intelligence to drive growth and become more competitive. Each business has unique needs for business intelligence and will use processes and tools that work best for them. Our Gorillas have expertise in and can help you build business intelligence solutions that work for you, using any of the tools I’ve already mentioned and a variety of other tools such as Power BI, Google Cloud Platform, SSRS and more.

Our services don’t finish once we deliver a solution. We know there are many things to do after that. We can help you transform data into knowledge, and knowledge into power.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to build a business intelligence solution that can power your business, it’s time to talk to us!


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