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Imagine what we can create together when there are no barriers. Through our pragmatic Agile approach, teams of experienced Gorillas build, test and adjust as they transform your innovative ideas into real-world products. Our custom application development process is defined by transparency, quality and operational excellence – infusing confidence and joy into the experience. Seriously, clients use the word “joy.”


  • Web & mobile UI/UX architecture & design
  • Strategy, experience maps, sitemaps, user flows, personas…
  • Wireframes, core visual design, visual inventory, hi-fidelity prototypes…
  • Brand toolkit development
  • InVision, Webflow…
  • Sketch, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator…
  • UI/UX as part of the Agile process

“The people we hire are talented, strong, and empowered. They are already Gorillas and don’t even know it.“

Sumiko Carter,

UX/UI Practice Lead, Meet our Practice Leads →

  • iOS, Swift, Objective-C, iBeacon, tvOS, iWatch…
  • Android, Java, Gimbal, Google Home…
  • React Native, Cordova, Ionic…
  • Appium, TestFlight, HockeyApp…
  • Urban Airship, Adobe Analytics, Crashlytics…
  • HockeyApp, TestFlight…

“We think we’re the best. And we have the drive to bang our heads against a wall in order to come up with solutions to tough challenges.“

Kyle Balogh,

Mobile Practice Lead, Meet our Practice Leads →

  • React/Redux, Angular 1 & 4, Backbone, JQuery…
  • Node/Express, .Net/C#, Java/Spring, Python/Django, Ruby on Rails…
  • Backbone
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript5, CSS3…
  • D3, HighCharts…
  • Riot.js

The Gorillas are the best group of people that I’ve ever worked with. They are the best at what they do, earning the respect from our clients. And anytime we hang out together as a group is always fun!

Josh Scott,

Web Practice Lead, Meet our Practice Leads →

  • Java, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot, DropWizard, J2EE, Jersey, JPA…
  • .Net/C#, MVC, .Net Core…
  • JavaScript, Node, Express…
  • SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Redshift…
  • NoSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cassandra…
  • Caching, Redis, Memcached…
  • Commerce, Oracle Commerce (ATG), Shopify…
  • Service/micro-service architecture, Docker…
  • Big Data, ETL, Oracle Exadata, SSIS, Elastic MapReduce, Hadoop…

“I really, really enjoy working with my team. I’m surrounded by a group of very talented people that I can learn so much from. We’ve managed to build something very nice, very healthy that we can keep building and growing.“

Mariana Santamaria,

Back-end Practice Lead, Meet our Practice Leads →

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) values business and practitioner outcomes over ideology, theory, framework, practice, or method.

  • Scrum, Kanban…
  • Agile Transformation
  • Scaled Agile, SAFe…
  • Project and Program Management
  • Product Ownership
  • JIRA/Confluence, Rally, Pivotal Tracker…
  • Slack, Zoom, Google Hangout, GoToMeeting, WebEx…

“Gorilla Logic hires only the best. You need to come in as a problem solver and make your customers’ lives easier.“

Kenneth Cascante,

Agile Practice Lead, Meet our Practice Leads →

Check us out in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for Agile and DevOps Services.

The ISTQB® Partner Program recognizes organizations which demonstrate a commitment to software testing certifications.1


  • Agile QA process
  • Test plan development
  • Manual testing
  • Web, Mobile and API test automation
  • Selenium, Appium, REST Assured, Postman, JUnit, JMeter…
  • Mobile testing lab with most Android and iOS devices
  • Release Management

“As a Gorilla, you always have to keep up. You can’t just go to work and do the same things you did last week. You always have to be innovative.“

Rodolfo Conejo,

QA Practice Lead, Meet our Practice Leads →

  • Build and release automation
  • Maven, Gradle, Ant…
  • Opsware, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Terraform…
  • Continuous integration, Jenkins/Hudson, Codeship, CircleCI, TravisCI…
  • Continuous availability & monitoring, New Relic, Splunk, Nagios…
  • Autoscaling & load-balancing, Nginx, Amazon, HAProxy…
  • Performance tuning & load-testing
  • Cloud, Amazon, Azure, Google…
  • Infrastructure architecture, design, and implementation

“My client work is always thrilling, always bleeding edge. I’m fortunate to be on a team that always gets to try new things.”

Rodrigo Molina,

DevOps Practice Lead, Meet our Practice Leads →

Check us out in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for Agile and DevOps Services.
  • Strategy, assessment, design and implementation
  • Directories, Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP
  • Authentication & authorization, SAML, oAuth
  • Application Security, OWASP
  • Provisioning, SPML, SCIM
  • IAM, EMC/RSA, Sailpoint, Okta, Ping, ForgeRock
  • Security assessment, pen testing, port scanning
  • And more!

“I really enjoy leveraging technology to help clients achieve their goals. Having been in IT consulting for more than 20 years, it’s nice to make a difference for your clients.“

John Schuch,

Security Practice Lead, Meet our Practice Leads →

  • AWS Glue, Microsoft SSIS, AWS RDS, AWS Redshift, AWS Kinesis, Apache Kafka, Spring Batch ETL
  • AWS Kinesis, Spring XD, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka Streams, Apache Storm
  • Hadoop, HQL, Apache Spark
  • AWS Redshift, Terradata, Oracle
  • MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Casandra, Redis, CouchDB
  • ElasticSearch, Lucene, AWS ElasticSearch Service, Solr
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, AWS Aurora, AWS Redshift, AWS RDS
  • Tableau, Jasper Reports, Amazon QuickSight
  • Amazon Kinesis Analytics
  • Amazon Athena, ElasticSearch
  • Amazon IoT and Azure IoT Suite
  • Amazon Greengrass and Azure IoT Edge
  • Amazon Cognito and Azure Active Directory
  • Amazon Lambda and Azure Functions
  • Amazon Kinesis and Azure Event Hubs
  • Tableau, Jasper Reports, Amazon QuickSight
  • Amazon Athena, ElasticSearch
  • Amazon Sagemaker, Google Cloud Learning Engine, TensorFlow

It’s All About Results

Our clients rely on us to provide timely insights and deep expertise that other firms can’t. Gorillas can handle your most complex projects and increase your overall delivery quality and velocity.


Deliver off-the-charts results.

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