How Gorilla Logic’s Focus on Quality Continues to Deliver High Customer Satisfaction

Gorilla Logic clients value our intense focus on delivering the highest quality of work–in fact, they’ve awarded us a rating of 4.8 stars on Clutch. Results from our recent NPS and Quality of Delivery Survey help unpack the specific ways in which clients value their partnership with us, with client satisfaction ratings at or above 80% across five key delivery dimensions:

Results from our recent NPS and Quality of Delivery Survey: custom software delivery

Dave Barr, Gorilla Logic’s Senior Vice President of Delivery, Technology and Operations, knows firsthand how crucial client satisfaction is, as well as the behind-the-scenes effort that makes it all possible. Formerly the Vice President of Engineering at JumpCloud, a SaaS company and client of Gorilla Logic, Dave helped to forge the tight-knit partnership with Gorilla Logic that made it possible for JumpCloud to scale development and accelerate business growth. 

Now on the delivery side of Gorilla Logic, Barr observes,“What I experienced as a client directly results from Gorilla Logic’s very deliberate execution of repeatable and scalable strategy, fueled by our high-performance culture.” 

We believe that quality starts with people, and our strategy involves: recruiting and hiring the very best; onboarding and training people to make sure they’re successful from the start; and investing in ongoing development, so that while we’re bringing the best ideas and technologies to our clients, we’re also making sure people can grow careers. Here are three key ways that Gorilla Logic creates high customer satisfaction through our comprehensive delivery strategy.

Recruit Top-Tier Technical Talent

When it comes to recruiting, we use an array of industry-leading and custom-developed tools and practices to screen the top 1% of designer and developer candidates in Latin America–and of that top 1%, we only hire the top 3%. Our nearshoring development hubs in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico are home to some of the most vibrant technology communities outside of Silicon Valley. As a result, they have pools of talented technology professionals who also align well with U.S. culture and business practices. Using our own technical screeners, who complete in-depth training on our assessment process, we interview and evaluate each candidate’s technical skills across multiple dimensions, with rankings that align well with U.S.-based standards; we also evaluate soft skills that are crucial to working closely with our clients, like English fluency and team collaboration. Through this rigorous process, we hire only the best of the best.

Keep Talent Challenged and Engaged

Retaining great talent is just as crucial as recruiting great talent. With market-leading compensation, an inspiring company culture, and innovative programs that stimulate interest and innovation, we keep our retention rates high. Every new employee completes an intensive 90-day onboarding program that teaches them about our company, our values, and how we work. Employees take part in a broad range of ongoing formal and informal learning opportunities like bootcamps, tech talks, workshops, buddy program, and on-demand training to build skills. Gorilla Labs, a unique research and development program, offers employees not actively working on a client project the opportunity to explore new technologies and solve real-world problems. We believe keeping our employees challenged and engaged is one of the best ways to keep them here; with 94% of employees indicating they’d recommend working at Gorilla Logic to a friend, it’s clear that our strategy is working. For our clients, high employee retention translates directly to higher quality work.

Gorilla Logic Values

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Build Careers, Not Just Skills

At Gorilla Logic, we strive to be the best by always getting better, a principle that is deeply grounded in our Agile roots. That’s why we also invest in ongoing professional development, providing the tools, training, and career support each employee needs to be as successful in their career development as they are in delivering client work. Every employee can tap into an annual educational benefit of $1,000. Structured performance reviews start in the first 90 days and continue regularly throughout each employee’s journey. We provide clearly defined career paths that accurately reflect professional skills, including both technical and soft skills. Technical managers assess technical skills and work with employees to build a roadmap to advance. Reskilling and upskilling helps us make sure everyone has the skills our clients need while making sure our technical professionals maintain up-to-date skills and knowledge. In fact, our employees are often the best candidates for our new jobs, and promoting from within is a win for our clients as well. 

High Quality and Happy Clients

Finding the best partner for custom software delivery/development may be one of the most important strategic business decisions you can make–and one of the best indicators of a quality partner is customer satisfaction. At Gorilla Logic, we work hard to build the skills, people, and teams our clients need, and we’re very proud of the exceptionally high quality of work we deliver. 

Speaking from his personal experience as a former client, Barr says,  “I knew the high caliber of teams and work Gorilla Logic delivers. Now I also know what makes us so successful at doing that—it’s our relentless focus on quality, extending from how we hire, who we hire, how we onboard and train our people, and how we prioritize a culture of continuous learning and improvement to promote development.”

Our intensive focus on quality leads to better outcomes for everyone: the employees we value, the work we have such passion for, and the clients we serve.

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