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Work. Learn. Play.

Gorilla Community

Work. Learn. Play.

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It takes a band of Gorillas to create something great.*

With diverse backgrounds and unique talents, our Gorillas come together to help our clients bring their best ideas to life. We work hard, laugh a lot, brainstorm constantly, share photos of our dogs, and engage in spirited debates over who has the best beer, pizza and ceviche. Sound interesting?

*Fun Fact – A group of gorillas is called a band. Gorillas usually travel in groups of six to 12 individuals.

Gorillas at Play

All work and no play make our Gorillas . . . actually, we have no idea. Because at Gorilla Logic, we love what we do, and have a ton of fun doing it. We also enjoy getting together for Gorilla Logic events including soccer matches, monthly music jams, tech meetups and regular happy hours. Because you should have fun on any day that ends with a “y.”

Our Costa Rican Gorillas are passionate about fútbol. If they aren’t on the field, they’re probably cheering from the sidelines.

We get our kicks from solving our clients’ biggest challenges. And we tap into each other’s expertise to make it happen.

“Good enough” just isn’t in our vocabulary. We are relentless about developing amazing, future-focused solutions for our clients.

This is the view from our Costa Rica development center. Enough said.

Our Boulder Geek Jams are open to all geeky music lovers.

Love dogs? So do we! We even have a Slack channel devoted to our best friends.

Gorillas get their om on.

We love tinkering with technology and sharing what we learn with our colleagues.

Gorillas have busy, curious brains. We built Gorilla Labs to challenge them in between major projects.

Upcoming Events

Inclusive and outgoing, our Gorillas host numerous events. Come join us!

Gorilla Community Articles

Individual insights can spark big ideas. Which is why we encourage our Gorillas to share their thoughts and experiences on our blog.

What, Why, and How to Migrate to .NET Core

What, Why, and How to Migrate to .NET Core

With the recent announcements from Microsoft about .NET Core and .NET Framework, you may wonder whether you should start planning to migrate to .NET Core. In this article, we will cover which of your existing applications to migrate, what support tools are available,...

Meet the Band

“There are many people in tech, but there is an elite that are just really, really good at it. We seek to identify those people. We celebrate the talent and the passion and the attitude that makes a great developer.”
Stu Stern, CE

Ready to get started? We are.

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