Gorilla Logic - Microsoft Gold Partner

Gorilla Logic Strengthens its Partnership with Microsoft – Achieving Azure Solutions Architect Certifications

Enterprises today are continuing to see the value in adopting cloud solutions as a scalable, cost-efficient means to run their operations, achieve business agility, and deliver value-added services to their customers. Microsoft has been at the forefront of the “cloud economy” with more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies choosing to run their business on the Microsoft Cloud. As a Gold Partner for Microsoft, Gorilla Logic continues to build upon its expertise of Microsoft Azure, with several Gorillas becoming Certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architects. Candidates who earn an Azure Solutions Architect certification are verified by Microsoft to have end-to-end expertise in building, deploying, migrating and securing infrastructure, apps, and data. As part of the certification process, our Gorillas were required to successfully complete the following tasks.

• Deploy and configure infrastructure

• Implement workloads and security

• Create and deploy apps

• Implement authentication and secure data

• Develop for the cloud and Azure Storage

• Determine workload requirements

• Design for identity and security

• Design a data platform solution

• Design a business continuity strategy

• Design for deployment, migration, and implementation

• Design and infrastructure strategy

“Becoming a Certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect challenges our Gorillas to take a deep dive into the platform and demonstrate how they can leverage it to create intelligent, powerful applications for our clients,” says Jay Wallingford, Gorilla Logic CTO. “It also enhances our role as a trusted advisor—guiding our clients in the development of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions that meet their current and future business requirements.”

While all of our Gorillas strive to enhance their technical skills, Rolando Lazcares, Gorilla Logic’s Back-End Practice Lead, has seen an uptick in the number of his team members earning their certifications in Microsoft Azure.

“Microsoft Azure offers a broad portfolio of cloud services that allow our Gorillas to create, deploy, and scale solutions for our clients that work with their existing technology investments,” notes Rolando. “Their migration and implementation processes are top-notch as well, providing piece of mind for our clients.”

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