Gorilla Logic Sponsors Hackathon in Costa Rica

As a company, Gorilla Logic is vested in the people that make it great, and Gorilla Logic does its part in fostering the ecosystem that powers this type of growth. 2015 was our second year sponsoring Developing Latin America (DAL):

“The biggest social hackathon in the continent, and #1 in Costa Rica. DAL takes places in 17 countries, and will be held again in 2015 to promote the co-creation of technological solutions to social issues. This year the available topics were: Justice, Peace Culture, and Housing, and these were explored in an Ideation meeting, developed during the hackathon, and presented to the public during Demo Day.”  

Gorilla Logic is committed to furthering a level of competence, passion and commitment that are visible in events such as the DAL hackathon, where participants spend three weekends experimenting, imagining, and crafting solutions to common problems every country has, and are best solved by citizens. La Nación newspaper interviewed me and ran a quote saying: “activities such as DAL create and foment an ecosystem geared towards innovation and the development of talented Costa Rican professionals, and this is how we are able to develop projects competitively on a global scale.”

We are also excited to see programs that can increase the number of women in STEM careers. One of these programs is MenTe (Women in Technology) whose goal is to start women on science and technology tracks who had not considered it before. MenTe had 52 high school and university participants in its first year and after 12 weeks of instruction, 6 of those in development.

100% of the participants reported that they would take up a STEM field of study!  

It makes us particularly proud to have talented female engineers in our Costa Rica office capable of leading mixed Costa Rica/U.S. teams.

Leveraging the Ecosystem of Innovation for Our Customers

Events such as DAL and MenTe are helping to build the type of “culture of innovation” that makes Costa Rica an ideal spot to establish a nearshoring software development office. That’s why a high-touch, boutique development company like Gorilla Logic set up operations there. And our company-wide vetting process, one of our core competencies, is applied equally in Costa Rica and the U.S. The multi-step process is applied by  Gorilla’s technical recruiters and leaders. It includes communication skills, several technical screens, as well as cultural fit, and discovering that extra special sauce that makes an engineer a Gorilla capable of doing the heaviest lifting!    

And we’ve been very happy that so many Costa Rican recruits successfully pass our vetting process with flying colors! We truly believe the thriving culture of innovation in the country has helped to contribute to this.

Costa Rica, Gorilla Logic and You

Gorilla Logic embarked on our Costa Rica adventure just a few years ago, after deciding that working with teams in Eastern Europe and South Asia was not beneficial to our pragmatic agile way of delivering cutting edge solutions to our customers.

The result has been nothing short of amazing. Our blended teams work seamlessly on mission critical projects we deliver for our customers, and the quality is top-notch.

So what does this mean for you?

We invite you to call us to find out how a nearshore outsourcing arrangement can help deliver the cutting edge software and services you need to continue to move your business forward.

About Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logic is a U.S. company that has developed a nearshore operation to deliver unparalleled value to our enterprise customers using a pragmatic agile methodology. Gorilla’s team extension and project outsourcing services is elegant in that we provide the right mix of onshore, nearshore and even offshore resources, to deliver results on time and on budget, backed by a Boulder, Colorado company that has been in business since 2002. Our enterprise customers benefit from a flexible model that allows them to take advantage of attractive nearshore rates, without the risk and complexity of partnering with an offshore domiciled partner, and the ability to scale resources from the United States or Costa Rica for onsite and remote teams that are geared towards providing enterprise level results at competitive rates.

Mario Merino

Managing Director of Gorilla Logic in Costa Rica. A prominent figure in Costa Rica’s startup and nearshore landscape, Mario joined Gorilla Logic after successfully developing and managing two separate ventures over the past 5 years, and before that developing business for one of Costa Rica’s best-known nearshore software firms. Mario’s background allows him to create and deliver unparalleled value to customers through Gorilla Logic’s nearshore operations in San José, Costa Rica.

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