Gorilla Logic: Origin of the Name


Have you ever wondered what’s behind the Gorilla Logic name? Here’s the scoop straight from CEO and co-founder Stu Stern

As our many customers know, Gorilla Logic specializes in the highest-quality talent, and over the years our consultants have appropriately come to be known as “gorillas”. The name and this connotation, however, were more fortuitous than deliberate. The company was originally founded in 2002 to create software tools and initially only offered consulting services as a way to generate the revenue necessary to bootstrap the business. It wasn’t until a few years later that we officially made the pivot and consulting became our primary focus.
But back in 2002, after we’d just quit our jobs at Sun Microsystems, my partners and I considered and rejected dozens of names (primarily because the domains were already taken). I finally coined the name Gorilla Logic, but it didn’t originally arise in my mind as some metaphor for powerful geeks. The name instead arose from my passion for music. 
I remember well the moment I was driving on I-25 near Denver and listening to the album G-Sides by the Gorillaz. I started thinking about “gorilla names” and upon reaching home I resignedly typed “who is gorillalogic.com” into a terminal window, fully expecting the domain to already belong to someone else. To my happy surprise, it was indeed available, and I registered it on the spot.
After fourteen years (and two more great Gorillaz albums), the name has served us well, with the phrase “That was very gorilla-like of you” being the highest praise you can confer on anybody who works here.
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Stu Stern

A self-professed geek with more than 30 years of programming experience, Stu co-founded Gorilla Logic in 2002 to deliver world-class consulting services around internet and enterprise applications. Prior to co-founding Gorilla Logic, Stu was founding VP of the Sun Java Center, Sun Microsystems’ global Java professional services organization. Among other accomplishments, the Sun Java Center created the highly influential Core J2EE Patterns catalog and book. Before that, Stu was VP of Equity Trading Systems Technology at PaineWebber (now UBS), and was a member of the original Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol steering committee. Stu holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of Rochester.

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