About Us

“Armed with the right talent, passion, and expertise, any company can be unstoppable”

-Stu Stern, Co-founder

Founded in 2002, Gorilla Logic delivers world-class software development and consulting services for enterprise-scale mobile, Web, and cloud applications. 500+ employees and four locations later, companies rely on our high-performance, distributed Agile teams to enhance their existing resources and accelerate their time to success. Based at our nearshore development centers in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico, our “Gorillas,” as we like to call ourselves, are English-fluent, culturally aligned, and operate within the same time zones as our clients. They provide unsurpassed technology expertise and a passion for serving our clients. We take great pride in creating an environment that is beneficial to both our clients and our employees! In a recent internal survey, 94% of Gorillas say “I am proud to work for this organization.” That enthusiasm shines through in the work we do!

At Gorilla Logic, we value:
  • Talent – we only hire the best
  • Respect – everyone deserves it
  • Communication – we’re transparent, free and open
  • Excellence – we demand, develop and celebrate it
  • Teamwork – we’re more powerful when we collaborate
  • Clients First – or we’ll go out of business!

32 years, 2 startups and one rock band later . . .

Before the beginning

While bringing tech to Wall Street, future Gorilla Logic co-founders Stu and Ed meet at a party, bond over music, and form a band—Strategic Dance Initiative. Together they launch an amazing music software program and quickly realize that the only people who would buy it have no money.

The real beginning

Still in the tech game, Ed runs Sun Microsystem’s eBusiness practice, while Stu launches the Sun Java Center. Leaving their cush jobs, Stu and Ed consult by day and develop MonkeyTalk, a QA automation tool, at night. People actually pay for it.

Head out on the highway

Stu jams to The Gorillaz while cruising down I25. An “aha” moment ensues, and “Gorilla Logic” is born.  Oracle purchases MonkeyTalk. Gorilla Logic shifts focus to application development and lands a slew of fun, high-profile clients.

15 years of being geeky and counting

The original band of Gorillas moves into their Boulder, CO, office. The company opens a state-of-the-art development center in Costa Rica, home to over 500 Agile developers.

Expanding our borders

Gorilla Logic reaches 500 employees including new CEO, Dan Berg. Co-Founders Stu and Ed join the Board of Directors. The company opens a location in Medellín, Colombia, then another in Mexico.

Gorilla Logic CEO

Daniel Berg


With previous positions in senior executive leadership at Sun Microsystems, SolidFire, Avaya, Skype, and JumpCloud, Daniel Berg is no stranger to the tech industry. Throughout his career, Daniel has straddled the line between business and technology allowing him to be challenged by various disciplines including enterprise products, consumer software, SaaS, and application services. Honored as a ‘Distinguished Engineer’ at Sun Microsystems, Daniel has a strong grasp of technology and is energized by the unique challenges and opportunities that each business presents.

Daniel’s diverse experience—including several secondments throughout Europe—has taught him to foster excellence in strategy, execution, and innovation by building extraordinary product and technology teams. He truly appreciates diversity in engineering and CI/CD models that stimulate communication, collaboration, and innovation.

As a previous client of Gorilla Logic, Daniel knows and appreciates the value of the nearshore development model. He believes the best way to solve clients’ business problems is to understand their unique challenge, provide high-quality solutions, and foster lasting relationships—all important elements of the business model here at Gorilla Logic.

Daniel’s passion and visionary personality make him an excellent addition to the Band of Gorillas! As a self-proclaimed adrenaline junky, Dan fills his spare time playing with anything with a motor. From motocross to track racing, Dan enjoys the fast things in life.

Meet the Executive Team

Jay Wallingford

Jay Wallingford


Jay loves brainstorming with Gorilla Logic’s engineers on new technologies – helping them to develop creative, well thought out solutions for their customers. A startup veteran who ran development organizations for Leopard (acquired by Ogilvy Mather), Symplified (acquired by RSA/EMC) and TapInfluence, Jay has “an absolute blast” leading Gorilla Logic’s talented team of developers, software engineers and scrum masters. Read more

Rick Gaisser

Rick Gaisser


Rick’s 20 years in the tech industry have focused largely on IT services. His experience involves creating finance teams that are capable of maturing with a scaling company, managing new system implementations to increase efficiency and building long-term relationships with clients and partners. Read more

David Amott

David Amott

Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition

David knows a thing or two about interesting career paths. In an earlier chapter of his life, he worked as an in-demand session musician for well-known artists in the UK. His passion for people eventually pulled him in a very different direction and working his way through the trenches of recruiting became a full-blown love for growing global talent organizations at mid- to large-size companiesRead more

Cindy O’Keeffe

Cindy O’Keeffe


Cindy’s natural curiosity about people and places has shaped her career as a marketing leader, executive coach and global traveler. These experiences have honed her ability to see greater potential in people and projects while clarifying and delivering on an organization’s vision. Keenly interested in the evolution of marketing as an art and science, Cindy previously initiated the development of DigitalGlobe’s demand generation center. She continues to leverage that expertise in her role as Gorilla Logic’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. Read more

Dave Barr

Dave Barr

Vice President of Global Service Delivery

As a leader, Dave is very people-centered, using coaching, mentoring, and organization design to build a collaborative work culture where everybody feels they belong and can grow personally and professionally. He builds a right-sized operational structure to efficiently scale the business, and he draws on his deep technology background to guide the team in delivering exceptional products. Read more

Melania Madriz

Melania Madriz

Global Director of Human Resources

With more than 15 years as a human resources professional with multiple high-growth companies, Melania has been described as a pioneer of HR best practices for outsourcing companies in Latin America. She loves her work because every day is different, and she is always challenged to learn and adapt. When Gorilla Logic offered her an opportunity to establish an HR organization that would operate as a business partner to the company’s different departments and that focused solely on employees, with a separate team focused on recruiting, she jumped at the chance. Read more

Matt Franks

Matt Franks

Vice President, Design

For more than 14 years, Matt has guided teams who create design-led business strategies and corporate design education programs for companies like Meta, Dell, USAA, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Blackboard, Logitech, and LegalZoom. As a co-founder of Modernist Studio, Matt honed an approach that grounds design in the realities of business and development, delivering value to clients and their customers by creating useful, usable, and desirable products and services.
Read more

Meet The Band of Gorillas

Our Practice Leads, Managers, Delivery Managers, Solutions Architects, and Technical Recruiters work together to ensure you get the best resources possible. Learn more about their unique experiences and passions.

“There are many people in tech, but there is an elite that are just really, really good at it. We seek to identify those people. We celebrate the talent and the passion and the attitude that makes a great developer.” – Stu Stern, Co-founder


Meet The Board of Directors

Gorilla Logic is supported by talented and innovative minds that make up our Board of Directors. TOGETHER, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

Gorillas have busy, curious brains. We built Gorilla Labs to challenge them in between major projects.

Your vision is our vision.

From emerging companies to global enterprises, we help our clients develop forward-thinking software solutions that drive growth and enhance customer experiences.

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The Gorilla Community

In addition to being super smart, unstoppable developers, Gorillas band together in a fun-loving, collaborative community.


Ready to get started? We are.

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