About Us

“Armed with the right talent, passion and expertise, any company can be unstoppable”

-Stu Stern – Co-founder and CEO

Self-professed geeks and recovering Wall Street guys, Stu Stern and Ed Schwarz founded Gorilla Logic to deliver world class software development and consulting services around mobile, Web and cloud applications. Companies rely on our high-performance, distributed, Agile teams to enhance their existing resources and accelerate their time to success. Based at our nearshore development center in Costa Rica, our “Gorillas” are English-fluent, culturally aligned, and operate within the same time zones as our clients. They provide unsurpassed technology expertise and a passion for serving our clients.

At Gorilla Logic, we value:
  • Talent – we only hire the best
  • Respect – everyone deserves it
  • Communication – we’re transparent, free and open
  • Excellence – we demand, develop and celebrate it
  • Teamwork – we’re more powerful when we collaborate
  • Clients First – or we’ll go out of business!

32 years, 2 startups and one rock band later . . .

Before the beginning

While bringing tech to Wall Street, Stu and Ed meet at a party, bond over music and form a band, Strategic Dance Initiative. Together they launch an amazing music software program – and quickly realize that the only people who would buy it have no money.

The real beginning

Still in the tech game, Ed runs Sun Microsystem’s eBusiness practice, while Stu launches the Sun Java Center. Leaving their cush jobs, Stu and Ed consult by day and develop MonkeyTalk, a QA automation tool, at night. People actually pay for it.

Head out on the highway . . .

Stu jams to The Gorillaz while cruising down I25. An “aha” moment ensues, and “Gorilla Logic” is born.  Oracle purchases MonkeyTalk. Gorilla Logic shifts focus to application development and lands a slew of fun, high-profile clients.

15 years of being geeky and counting

The original band of Gorillas moves into their Boulder, CO, headquarters. The company opens a state-of-the-art Costa Rica development center, home to over 150 Agile developers.

Meet the Silverbacks

Stu Stern

Stu Stern

Co-Founder, CEO

Stu co-founded Gorilla Logic in 2002, after serving as founding VP of the Sun Java Center, Sun Microsystems’ global Java professional services organization. As VP of Equity Trading Systems Technology at PaineWebber (now UBS), he led the firm’s trading floor into the digital era. While living in NYC, Stu also fronted the 80s techno band, Strategic Dance Initiative (fans are still hoping for a comeback tour).

A self-professed geek with more than 30 years of programming experience, Stu has hired literally hundreds of talented developers who are passionate about using technology to help customers transform their businesses. He occasionally slings code, and loves mixing it up with Gorilla Logic’s customers and engineers (“really smart people doing cool things”).

An “alt-indie guy” who founded a music startup in the late 80s, Stu constantly cycles through new tunes while creating countless playlists. You can usually find him with his axe at Gorilla Logic’s monthly Boulder Geek Jam, or riding his bike at Flagstaff Mountain.

Ed Schwarz

Ed Schwarz

Co-Founder, VP of Engineering

Ed has been delivering software systems for an undisclosed number of years. Before co-founding Gorilla Logic, he was Director of eBusiness Consulting at Sun Microsystems.
Back in the day, he was also on Wall Street exec’ing and tech’ing at Lehman Brothers and Moody’s Investors Services.

After taking seven semesters of physics, Ed graduated from Princeton University with a degree in music. Realizing that musicians do really cool and glamorous stuff but don’t always get paid a lot, Ed landed a “real job” at a law firm where he built a system in Cobol to schedule the firm’s paralegals. Ed’s officemate (also a musician) introduced him to Stu, which led to the formation of Strategic Dance Initiative – and ultimately Gorilla Logic.

Ed often writes and records music at Gorilla Logic’s jam studio. He refuses to compile an ultimate playlist (“too many choices”) but admits, “The Digital Vibrators would definitely be represented.”

Ed lives in New York, so don’t try anything funny…

Meet the Executive Team

Jay Wallingford

Jay Wallingford


Jay loves brainstorming with Gorilla Logic’s engineers on new technologies – helping them to develop creative, well thought out solutions for their customers. A startup veteran who ran development organizations for Leopard (acquired by Ogilvy Mather), Symplified (acquired by RSA/EMC) and TapInfluence, Jay has “an absolute blast” leading Gorilla Logic’s talented team of developers, software engineers and scrum masters. Read more

Cindy O’Keeffe

Cindy O’Keeffe

VP Marketing & Business Development

Cindy’s natural curiosity about people and places has shaped her career as a marketing leader, executive coach and global traveler. These experiences have honed her ability to see greater potential in people and projects while clarifying and delivering on an organization’s vision. Keenly interested in the evolution of marketing as an art and science, Cindy previously initiated the development of DigitalGlobe’s demand generation center. She continues to leverage that expertise in her role as Gorilla Logic’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. Read more

Tess Manderson

Tess Manderson

VP Client Services & Talent

Tess Manderson has serious skills. A South Dakota native, Tess can drive a tractor, brew a mean Double IPA, and manage global talent and HR operations for more than 170 Gorillas. As VP of Talent Operations for Gorilla Logic, Tess oversees a team of ace recruiters, manages global HR and training programs, and works with our clients to deliver Gorillas who have the exact skills and expertise they need. Read more

Mario Merino

Mario Merino

Managing Director, Costa Rica

Since joining Gorilla Logic in 2014, Mario has transformed the Costa Rica development center from a 3-person startup to a thriving 300-person nearshore operation. A developer at heart (he started developing web applications in 1999), Mario loves the drive, energy and commitment to excellence that Gorillas bring to each project, as well as the long-standing relationships they form with their clients. Read more

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Director of Business Development

Chris learned at an early age the values of integrity, perseverance and commitment to success. These traits have stayed with him throughout his career, starting with teaching mixed martial arts at age of 12, after earning his first-degree black belt (yes, he’s an overachiever). This led to a seven-year career in motocross racing. As Gorilla Logic’s director of business development, Chris leverages his business acumen and passion for helping others to guide our clients in reaching their maximum potential through partnering on enterprise application development. Read more

Meet The Band of Gorillas

Our Practice Leads, Area Engineering Managers and Technical Recruiters work together to ensure you get the best resources possible. Learn more about their unique experiences and passions.

“There are many people in tech, but there is an elite that are just really, really good at it. We seek to identify those people. We celebrate the talent and the passion and the attitude that makes a great developer.” – Stu Stern, Co-founder and CEO

Gorillas have busy, curious brains. We built Gorilla Labs to challenge them in between major projects.

Your vision is our vision.

From emerging companies to global enterprises, we help our clients develop forward-thinking software solutions that drive growth and enhance customer experiences.

The Gorilla Community

In addition to being super smart, unstoppable developers, Gorillas band together in a fun-loving, collaborative community.


Ready to get started? We are.

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