Gorilla Logic Named Colombia’s Prime Python & Django Developer for 2021

With offices in Colombia, Costa Rica, and the U.S., Gorilla Logic is a prominent and award-winning nearshore software development company. At Gorilla Logic, we give our everything to make sure that our clients get the most out of their investments. Just recently, Gorilla Logic was recognized as Colombia’s finest Python & Django developer for 2021 by Clutch.

Clutch is an established B2B review and rating platform that connects service providers with potential corporate clients. The site annually holds an awards cycle to celebrate the work and successTop Developers Colombia 2021 Clutch Award Badge of the leading B2B companies.

To be part of their 2021 leaders’ list is huge for us at Gorilla Logic. It’s a sign that even though we are a veteran team, we still continue to grow and thrive.

Aside from our recent Clutch award, Gorilla Logic was also named as one of the best-performing web development companies globally on Visual Objects, an online portfolio site.

It means a lot to us to be appreciated and seen for what we do. These feats are dedicated to our clients, especially to those who spared us their time to review our services on Clutch.

Gorilla Logic is proud of the phenomenal reviews we have received. More than anything, our clients keep us going. We are honored to have their support!

“From my experience with other outsourced companies, the developers and other team members from Gorilla Logic have been more dependable and more a part of our team than any I have had experience with before. Not only are they really solid engineers, but they make an effort to fit in and become part of your team as much as the in-house developers, which makes them incredibly easy to work with.” — Director of Engineering, Weedmaps

“The fluidity and ease of communication with Gorilla Logic were incredible. Actually working with them and going through design sessions was as easy as working with a local team or onshore team. I was also impressed with their technical capabilities, they know a lot about developing software. They’ve learned the tools of their trade quite well.” — Senior Manager, Maxar

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