UI/UX Design and Development

Designing with your customer experience in mind

We know it’s not enough for your customers to “point-click-buy” with your digital products. They are looking for powerful, seamless experiences that help solve their problems and keep them engaged. Our UI/UX design and development team clearly defines necessary work and then relies on best practices and gut instincts to design user experiences and interfaces that complement your customers' mindsets and reinforce their connection with your brand.


Research and discovery

Great user experiences emerge from having a deep understanding of your business model, priorities, and how your customers view and engage with your company. Through our Discovery Lite approach, we work with you to gather this business intelligence while eliminating wasteful practices that can prevent you from achieving your goals. We then deliver a roadmap that is clear, actionable, and measurable.

Responsive design

Our Gorillas have a deep understanding of responsive design, grounded in years of experience designing for mobile screens, tablets, desktops, and everything in between. We develop native or hybrid apps on every platform that perform seamlessly across devices, and create content for ecommerce and social experiences. Through interviewing, observation, and testing, we identify and define how users interact with your digital product in order to make it simple, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

Mobile and emerging platforms

Your customers adopt new devices and technologies in a blink of an eye. Our team takes a future-focused approach to designing mobile solutions that work seamlessly across devices. Our passion for testing and tinkering with new technologies allows us to design apps for emerging platforms including wearables, in-car digital, gesture-enabled devices, home automation devices, and whatever is next.

Lean design and development

Using Affinity Diagrams and Story Mapping, we help you visualize your ideas, articulate your vision, and develop user stories that ultimately become lines of code. The result is a minimum viable product (MVP) or a set of minimum marketable features (MMF) that serve as a launching point for the iterative process and user feedback loops. We collaborate with your subject matter experts early and often, using rapid prototyping to turn your ideas into working software within a matter of weeks, rather than months.

Interaction design

For large-scale initiatives that require a breadth of layout and design considerations, we create interactive prototypes to test your designs and ideas in front of real users. These prototypes can include large-scale screen layouts, page and design adaptations, icon creation, retouching of photography, banner sizing, print layouts, and email design. Our production design team also creates detailed style guides and presentation specifications.

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