The Code to Success: Women's Essential Role in Technology

In August 2023, a study by the technology academy EdTech Henry in Colombia revealed startling statistics about the gender gap in technology. Only three out of every 10 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates are women. The study suggests that the reasons women often avoid careers in technology include a lack of time, money, support, and confidence. Delving into the report, I realized that the data might indicate women are being marginalized in an industry pivotal to modern progress. As a Latin American woman in tech, I felt compelled to dig deeper.

My initial findings were equally disheartening. Girls Who Code reported that the percentage of women in computer science fell from 37% in 1995 to a mere 22% in 2022. In a world where women constitute half the population, shouldn't we be central to shaping the technological future?

The indispensable role of women in tech

Several recent examples underscore the criticality of women's insights in tech. Apple's Health app, for instance, faced significant backlash for initially excluding a menstrual cycle tracker. It took public outcry and a year's time for the feature to be added. Additionally, a traditionally male-focused approach to safety design, such as in crash test dummies and seatbelts, has put women at a disadvantage. In contrast, seat belts tailored for pregnant women demonstrate the innovation that emerges when women's needs are considered.

Such examples solidify one truth: the tech industry excels when it embraces the diverse ideas and experiences women offer. It's not solely about innovation; it's about devising products and systems that are equitable and advantageous for all. By valuing women's contributions, the tech sector can pave the way for a universally inclusive and progressive future.

Ensuring women's retention in tech

While numerous communities offer coding programs to support women, the tech universe isn't just about coding. Immersing oneself in these communities, connecting with other women in tech, and drawing inspiration from their stories are fundamental steps toward bridging the gender gap.

However, merely recruiting more women isn't the solution; retaining them is equally crucial. According to the 2021 Women in Tech report by TrustRadius, a staggering 72% of women have encountered a pervasive "bro culture" at their tech workplaces. The message is clear: we must cultivate workplaces where women feel valued, heard, and free from biases. Furthermore, having women in leadership roles can significantly boost the retention of female talent.

This transformation requires a collaborative effort from organizations and individual employees alike, fostering a culture of inclusivity both online and offline. This inclusivity shouldn't be a mere corporate endeavor but a shared responsibility, ensuring an equitable and welcoming environment for all.

Holistic strategies are essential for retaining women in tech. Beyond enhancing female representation or addressing pay disparities, there's a need to uphold and implement equality policies at every level. Work structures should be flexible enough to cater to family needs, and such policies must be robust, urging all employees to leverage them. By doing so, we can establish an environment where both genders can balance work and family responsibilities. This progressive approach not only propels women in tech but also instills a culture where everyone can flourish, anchoring a more inclusive and compassionate workplace.

In conclusion: The path forward

The technology sector stands at the crossroads of innovation and societal impact, making it imperative to incorporate the diverse perspectives women bring to the table. Addressing the challenges women face in tech is not just a matter of equity but also of maximizing the industry's potential. As we move forward, a collective effort from both organizations and individuals is essential. By valuing, supporting, and retaining the talented women in this field, we're not only championing equality but also ensuring a richer, more inclusive technological landscape for future generations. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards — a more equitable, innovative, and progressive tech industry — are well worth the effort.


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