What Gorilla Logic’s ISO 27001 Compliance Means for You

While companies are accelerating digital transformation to compete and thrive, the cyber threat landscape is changing just as fast, posing ever-evolving threats to even the best-prepared organizations. In fact, worldwide cybersecurity spending is set to grow by nearly 58% by 2025, reaching $198B according to GlobalData.

How ISO 27001 compliance minimizes risk and protects business continuity

To proactively minimize risk and ensure greater business continuity in this very dynamic environment, many organizations build a best-practice-based cybersecurity approach and certify their information security management system (ISMS) through ISO 27001, an internationally recognized and accredited specification for a best-practice ISMS. ISO 27001, which is both vendor- and technology-neutral, helps organizations assess whether their cybersecurity measures are appropriate and adequate for their unique risk environment. 

What Gorilla Logic’s ISO 27001 compliance means for you

ISO 27001 compliance is a multi-year process, involving intensive internal and external stakeholder activity. Once certified, annual audits ensure ongoing compliance, even as technology and cyber threats are evolving. Becoming ISO 27001 compliant gives everyone assurance that a business is actively practicing the most effective cybersecurity measures possible.

At Gorilla Logic, we take your security seriously and build it into everything we do. With our annual ISO 27001 compliance verification, you can be assured that the web and mobile solutions we build for you:

  • Protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data.
  • Improve your ability to achieve compliance with commercial, contractual, and legal requirements.
  • Reduce the risks of fines, business disruptions, and loss of reputation from cyber threats.
  • Achieve greater resilience to cyber-attacks and responsiveness today and as threats evolve in the future.

Why you should work with an ISO 27001 compliant partner 

Your security extends to your suppliers, and it’s important to make sure they take security as seriously as you do. As your custom software development partner, Gorilla Logic’s investment in ISO 27001 compliance is an investment in your security. The solutions we build together adhere to the highest security standards set by ISO 27001, helping to secure your information assets and protect your organization from disruption and risk.

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