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Much like a pod of whales or a pack of wolves, did you know that a group of gorillas is called a band? In this blog series, we’re going to introduce you to members of our band – engineers, technical recruiters, PMs, designers, and more who make up the most important asset in Gorilla Logic…our talent! Are you Gorilla material? Join the band today!


Victor Arias Full Stack Developer


Victor AriasVictor Arias is one of Gorilla Logic’s talented Full Stack Developers. He has over 6 years of experience, primarily in Java Backend development.  However, Victor has used different technologies such as Spring Data, Spring MVC and Hibernate for Java development, Couchbase and DynamoDB as NoSQL database, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle as Relational databases, so mostly of my experience has been Java Backend. Victor spends his free time with his wife and enjoys cooking, photography and traveling.

Where’s your hometown? – In Belen, belongs to Heredia province in Costa Rica.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? – Roatan, it is paradisiacal.

How many years have you worked in your field? – 6 years.

How do you spend your free time? – I like to go to the cinema with my wife or just rest in our home and watch a movie, I like cooking also.

Where do you go to relax and recharge? – I like to go with my wife to the beach or mountain to relax.

What made you want to work at Gorilla Logic? – The benefits that Gorilla Logic offers are really attractive, not only for me, but the people who I talk with. I also take this as a new challenge.

Best advice when heading into an interview? – The most important is to be yourself and trust your skills. Nevermind if you don’t know about something, be honest and let them know you are able to learn.

What qualities make someone successful in the tech world? – I think that the research skills and passion to learn new businesses and technologies are key.


To read more about Victor and stay in touch, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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