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Much like a pod of whales or a pack of wolves, did you know that a group of gorillas is called a band? In this blog series, we’re going to introduce you to members of our band—engineers, technical recruiters, PMs, designers, and more who make up the most important asset in Gorilla Logic…our talent! Are you Gorilla material? Join the band today!

Mauricio Fernández Mora – Back End Developer

Mauricio Fernández Mora is a software engineer and has been working in Java and AWS for a commercial vendor of space imagery and geospatial content for the last two years. Recently, he has also been doing some Devops with them as well. When he is not working at the computer, he likes to train for MMA, enjoys boxing, and recently has done some jiu-jitsu. He always has a book in progress—currently, The Count of Montecristo, and enjoys traveling, attending concerts and music festivals, listening to live music, going to the movies, and chilling with his friends.


Mauricio Fernández MoraWhere’s your hometown? – Santo Domingo, Heredia.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? – Keystone, Colorado—snowboarding is by far the coolest thing I’ve done. As well as San Francisco for the Outside Lands music festival.

How do you spend your free time? – Movies, beach, reading, music, concerts.

Where do you go to relax and recharge? – Beach mostly, especially Playa Grande or Playa Chiquita.

What made you want to work at Gorilla Logic? – Tech Talks, I wanted the opportunity to learn new things.

What was one of the most rewarding leadership positions you have had? – Trainer/Supervisor in a call center. A trainee who was struggling turned into one of the best employees with the help of some support as well as perseverance on his part.

Now that you have greater insight on the world (maybe;)), what would you go back and tell your 18 year old self? – Programming rocks! Go for it.

What motivated you to pursue working in your current field? – I wanted to work in something meaningful, where I could create and innovate and never get bored.

What qualities make someone successful in the tech world? – Really enjoy what you do, have fun with it, never settle or think that your current knowledge is already good enough.


To learn more about Mauricio and to stay in touch, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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