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Much like a pod of whales or a pack of wolves, did you know that a group of gorillas is called a band? In this blog series, we’re going to introduce you to members of our band—engineers, technical recruiters, PMs, designers, and more who make up the most important asset in Gorilla Logic…our talent! Are you Gorilla material? Join the band today!

Isaac Vargas — Senior Product Owner

Isaac is one of our amazing Senior Product Owners here at Gorilla Logic. He has been working in development for about 9 years now. Isaac is passionate about working with people and creating an open and empathetic leadership within Gorilla Logic.  When Isaac isn’t crushing it at work he likes to spend his time spending quality time with his wife and beautiful daughter, at the gym or pool, and just watching a new TV show with his wife. We are so happy to have Isaac as a part of our Band!


Isaac VargasWhere’s your hometown? I am from San Jose, Moravia in Costa Rica. 

What’s your spirit animal? A Panda! Always seeking balance and peace. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? The Anfield stadium in Liverpool and the cliffs of Moher in Ireland. 

How many years have you worked in your field? It’s been 9 years already, time sure does fly.

Best advice you have received personally or professionally? Speak up! Don’t be nervous to express your concerns and who you really are. Others will always appreciate your honesty and transparency, which will attract the right people and the right job to you.

What is an underrated product that you believe deserves more attention? Planners and reminders! I think a lot of people don’t realize the advantages of writing down stuff we have to do or pending, it makes your life so much easier.

If you could perform on stage with one famous musician/group, who would it be and why? Probably Akira Yamaoka! I love his music.

How do you spend your free time? With my family! My 2-year-old daughter loves to play and gets bored fast so we play a lot, also watching new TV series with my wife and playing board games with my friends on the weekends. 

If you could travel back in time to any period in history, when would it be? Pre-Columbia: I just would love to see how things used to look way before, how the environment and fresh air felt like. 

What is your guilty pleasure TV show? Scrubs.

Best childhood memory? Spending time with my cousins at my grandparent’s house every Saturday playing card games, Super Nintendo, and watching the WWF.

Where do you go to relax and recharge? With my family, I also go to the gym and the pool to rest and regain motivation.

What’s one of your most embarrassing memories? I had dinner with a client and didn’t realize I sat down incorrectly in a chair and ended up rolling over the floor and ended up breaking the chair, a lot of people laughed that day.

What made you want to work at Gorilla Logic? I always heard great things about working for Gorilla, I remember when the office was located at Escazu the office was great, and I heard encouraging things about the work-life culture.  When my wife got pregnant I decided I needed to work in a place where I could grow as a professional while having many benefits for my family like WFH and private healthcare insurance which made the decision easy for me to apply to Gorilla. 

What is your personal motto? There’s always a reason for everything, even if you don’t know it right away, you’ll find the answer sooner or later, and whatever happens, remember to move forward and with your head held high. 

What is your most used tool in your office? My Glasses and Headphones. 

Something that your LinkedIn profile couldn’t tell us? I love working with people, I feel that effective communication is key in our daily life in both personal and professional routines and that most problems can be solved by having empathy and listening skills. 

Who are the biggest cheerleaders in your life? My family and close friends. Their support is invaluable. 

What was one of the most rewarding leadership positions you have had? Always working as a PO/SM/PM is a motivator when working with other teams as I’m always aspiring to have a great and healthy work environment, working in a place where everyone feels happy and safe with their jobs is one of the things I love the most.

Best advice when heading into an interview? Be as transparent and honest as you can while committing to learn and improve yourself every day. 

Best advice when meeting with a client? Demonstrate that you have all the commitment in the world to do your best to anything that would be needed of a Gorilla. 

Now that you have greater insight on the world (maybe;)), what would you go back and tell your 18-year-old self? Your health goes above everything, doing your best at college and work is important but you need to give more time to yourself, seeking a balance is a must.

What motivated you to pursue working in your current field? Working with other people, realizing that there are so many people who lack leadership skills and how much better it would be for everyone if they had a good leader on their side. 

What qualities make someone successful in the tech world? Someone who is always in pursuit of knowledge, who is always striving for more, and loves to challenge themselves. 


To learn more about Isaac and to stay in touch, connect with him on LinkedIn!

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Keaton Stockton

Keaton is a Marketing Administrator at Gorilla Logic. She has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Colorado State University.

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