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Much like a pod of whales or a pack of wolves, did you know that a group of gorillas is called a band? In this blog series, we’re going to introduce you to members of our band – engineers, technical recruiters, PMs, designers, and more who make up the most important asset in Gorilla Logic…our talent! Are you Gorilla material? Join the band today!

Gaudy Blanco

Gaudy BlancoGaudy Blanco is one of Gorilla Logic’s talented junior software engineers. Gaudy graduated with a degree in Computer Science and English from the University of Costa Rica in 2016. Gaudy is interested in programming, web development, databases, and teaching. She enjoys learning new technologies. 

Where’s your hometown? – San José, Costa Rica.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? – I haven’t traveled a lot, but I really like Managua, Nicaragua. I would like to go to Madrid, Spain.

Best advice you have received personally or professionally? – Always do your best.

How do you spend your free time? – Watching Netflix and spending time with my family, my friends and my pets.

If you could travel back in time to any period in history, when would it be? – I would like to travel to the future, not to the past.

What is your guilty pleasure TV show? – The Gilmore Girls.

What made you want to work at Gorilla Logic? – I heard it is the best software company in Costa Rica.

Who are the biggest cheerleaders in your life? – My mom and my two sisters.

Now that you have greater insight on the world (maybe;)), what would you go back and tell your 18 year old self? – You have more capacity than you think you have.

Favorite tech blog/website/publication? –

What qualities make someone successful in the tech world? – Self-learner.

To read more about Gaudy and stay in touch, connect with her on LinkedIn


Natalie Fagundo
Natalie is an inbound certified Marketing Specialist at Gorilla Logic. She has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and French from Xavier University and Master's degree in Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati.

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