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Much like a pod of whales or a pack of wolves, did you know that a group of gorillas is called a band? In this blog series, we’re going to introduce you to members of our band—engineers, technical recruiters, PMs, designers, and more who make up the most important asset in Gorilla Logic…our talent! Are you Gorilla material? Join the band today!

Emmanuel Mora – Back End Developer

Emmanuel is a software engineer and a tech enthusiast. For the past six years he has worked in a wide variety of applications, mostly backend development, but also Android/iOS, and embedded systems. He is currently reading Cixun Liu and Stephen Pinker and is learning how to speak German. He loves coffee, the game Factorio, and being as helpful as possible to his team.


Emmanuel MoraWhere’s your hometown? – Sabanilla, Montes de Oca, San José Costa Rica. 

What’s your spirit animal? – The turtle (wisdom, peace, and patience) 

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? – Vatican City.

How many years have you worked in your field? – Six years. 

Best advice you have received personally or professionally? – Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. 

What is an underrated product that you believe deserves more attention? – D-Wave Quantum Computer. 

If you could perform on stage with one famous musician/group, who would it be and why? – Yanni. His group’s music is awesome and if I don’t master playing my keyboard on time, they have a lot of instruments so I could actually be there fake playing and not worrying that I would be noticed.

How do you spend your free time? – Reading, playing video games, watching Crunchyroll or Netflix, or salsa dancing.

If you could travel back in time to any period in history, when would it be? – Anytime before the invention of the internet. I would like to see the birth of Christianity or Buddha’s time.

What made you want to work at Gorilla Logic? – I heard good things about the company, particularly the talent, the benefits, and the projects.

What is your most used tool in your office? – My laptop. 

Who are the biggest cheerleaders in your life? – Usually my roommates and my mother. 

Best advice when heading into an interview? – Be yourself.

Best advice when meeting with a client? – Don’t be too technical. Take notes and repeat their answers back to them.

Now that you have greater insight on the world (maybe;)), what would you go back and tell your 18 year old self? – Forget Hi5 and Myspace, use Facebook, and invest in it. Be ready to buy bitcoins. But most importantly, read the books of Nietzche, Kierkegaard, and Carl Jung—it will prepare you for life. 

Favorite tech blog/website/publication? – Wired or HackerNews.

What motivated you to pursue working in your current field? –  I loved math, physics, and computing. My career had a good mix of the three.

What qualities make someone successful in the tech world? – To be able to explain things simply. Everything is already too complicated. To be able to design a solution simply. It is too easy to overcomplicate stuff. Don’t forget security practices and scalability. It can be quick to craft an app, so it is also quick for it to crumble to pieces. Don’t hurry too much for the latest and shiny tech. Don’t forget the rock-solid tech. 

To learn more about Emmanuel and to stay in touch, connect with him on LinkedIn and check out his Github!


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Asia Patton
Asia Patton

Asia is a Marketing Administrator at Gorilla Logic. She has a Bachelor's degree in English and a minor in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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