Leveraging the Web Speech API and Developing for the Future


New web app development spurs emerging technologies, creating incredible changes in the communications landscape.

Web Speech API Development

While still nascent, web speech API development promises verbal interaction with devices bound to create better sites that are more intuitive.  APIs make creating programs and sites incorporating speech recognition and transcription more efficient by setting forth how different parts of the software program interact, giving programmers a tool for making software compatible with existing operating system.

The Web Speech API makes possible speech recognition, converts speech to text, and converts text to speech. On the horizon, the possibility of filling in forms and verbally providing other types of information awaits. However, the technology is still developing, and getting to this point required a great deal of time and energy due to the complexity of program coding that makes web speech possible.

Using Web Speech in the real World

For a long time, the only way to use a computer involved either the keyboard or the mouse. The advent of touch screens added another option for computer interface. In recent years, new “hands-free” options went into development for use in various sites and programs. With development of a unified speech API, the use of speech commands on site means entirely new ways of using the internet, software, and more.

Once programmed into a site, several things must occur to make web speech function correctly. A recording of the user’s voice is sent out to a service dedicated to specifically handling conversion of speech to text. The service analyzes the recording and creates text, which is then sent back to the browser for placement on the site. Most think of this as a boon to form completion, but, with a little imagination, the possible uses for this technology are seemingly limitless.

Who Benefits from Web Speech

API development simplifies what was once a tedious coding process. This technology packs potentially huge benefits for several specific groups of people. Specifically, imagine how much voice activated programs would enable the disabled by providing a usable means for navigating the internet purely through voice commands. Beyond that, consider how having word processing, spreadsheets, and business applications function through voice input would positively influence many lives. Web speech makes this possible, and more.

Speech recognition already has a presence in several areas, including:

  • Education
  • Transcription of medical and legal records
  • Law enforcement

Leveraging Web Speech

Web speech API development opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities for marketing and sales, and provides an incredible opportunity for everyone. Imagine a world where no typing is required for filling in forms, no keystrokes are needed for most activities, and verbal comments made regarding a document appear as written margin notations.  Customers on a web speech enabled site could locate items, or sign up for mailing lists quickly.

Additionally, adapting to the technology should not present too many difficulties. Most consumers already deal with speech recognition technology. Most customer support centers use some type of speech recognition to route calls to the proper department. While still not perfect, the applications improved dramatically from the first versions.

Web speech is bound to become an integral part of most sites. Having a site that incorporates it early on sends a message to potential clients that a company is proactive, up to date, and stays on top of the latest tech trends. Web speech makes it easier for a user to request information or fill out forms, both of which provide a goldmine of marketing and sales information.

Bringing web speech to a site is not so difficult. However, designing a site that makes the best use of it requires a deft touch and complete understanding of all elements of site design.











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