Gorilla Logic Adds Custom Software Development Center in Medellín, Colombia


Gorilla Logic Transcends Borders

Gorilla Logic began delivering unparalleled value to clients from our Nearshore Development Center in San José, Costa Rica in 2014. We’ve been wildly successful at it, and are now considered Latin America’s premier partner for custom software development delivered vía our renowned Agile teams. 

Leveraging the experience gained and the organization that’s in place in Costa Rica, we have built a second Nearshore Development Center in the tech- and culture-forward city of Medellín, Colombia. This custom software development center extends our ability to fulfill what clients rely on Gorilla Logic for—delivery of high-stakes software solutions via teams of talented, sophisticated, and engaged Agile engineers that have the client’s best interest at heart.


The Culture of Delivery That Makes This Possible

Custom software development center in Medellín, ColombiaIt is no accident that Gorilla Logic is confident about our expansion in Medellín, Colombia. In addition to providing Gorilla-caliber* consultants, we place as much value on the talent and sophistication of the management team that supports our delivery. The nearshore leadership Gorillas that make exceptional delivery possible have all been promoted from within the ranks of our consultants. Our talented and experienced Area Engineering Managers, Technology Managers, and Practice Leads are crucial members of our strong community of delivery. By having a culture of participation and transparency, Gorilla Logic has become a reflection of its employees’ strong sense of belonging, accomplishment, agility, and unstoppability.

Our Nearshore Development Center in Colombia has been seeded with this same management structure, continuing our established culture and environment. Nearshore leadership’s responsibility is to support our consulting staff and align them to delivery with the help of our Client Services organization based in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, our CTO continuously leads world-class training and research-and-development programs to elevate the skills of Gorillas whether they are in Boulder, Colorado, San José, Costa Rica, or Medellín, Colombia. 


Focus on Talent

Gorilla Logic in Medellín, ColombiaGorilla Logic is renowned for recruiting, training, and retaining the top engineers available wherever we operate. Medellín follows an identical model in which we recruit and receive applications from prospective employees, who are put through a rigorous series of technical, cultural, and English-language evaluations by our Recruiting Team in Boulder, in conjunction with more technical and culture screens in San José or Medellín.

One of the reasons we selected Medellín, Colombia, a city that has become a hub for nearshore companies, is the abundance and quality of talented engineers, eager to be part of a proven company like Gorilla Logic.  

We hire consultants that are a match for our client’s challenging projects and excel at custom software development. As members of high-performing Agile teams, they work directly with our clients’ organizations. Talented and forward-looking engineers desire challenges and engaging projects. They love working for clients that require this skill set—and we’re ecstatic to be the company in Latin America that provides this intense engagement, plus an extraordinary environment for growth, contribution, and culture. 


Nearshore Model

We’ve expanded on the benefits of the nearshore delivery model, and you can read more here and here about the importance of aligning time zones, English-fluency, and client needs.

Gorilla Logic’s Colombia Nearshore Development Center will be in the capital of Antioquía: Medellín. This city has a large pool of talented software engineers, quality assurance engineers, DevOps engineers, and Agile consultants—just like San José, Costa Rica which is less than two hours away by plane. This close proximity allows for seamless integration. Both Costa Rica and Colombia rank in the top five Latin American countries for innovation.

Gorilla Logic’s original Nearshore Development Center in Costa Rica continues its strong growth with unstoppable Gorillas and the world-class culture we’ve created there.  We intend to promote integration in both of our locations through travel, programs, activities, and events—elevating both locations with no differentiation as to support and quality produced. Adding a second custom software development center means Gorilla Logic is able to offer an even greater talent pool of developers for our clients! 


*Gorilla-caliber: Ready to go above and beyond, these driven individuals thrive when encountering challenges, consistently think outside the box, and go out of their way to learn new things. They see every day as an opportunity to make the environment around them better.



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Mario Merino

Mario started developing applications for the web in 1999. A prominent figure in Costa Rica’s startup and nearshore landscape, Mario joined Gorilla Logic after successfully developing and managing two separate ventures over the past 5 years, and before that developing business for one of Costa Rica’s best-known nearshore software firms. Mario’s background allows him to create and deliver unparalleled value to clients through Gorilla Logic’s nearshore operations in San José.

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