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On August 14th, Gorilla Logic will be sponsoring Fullstack Day 2016, held at La Fundación Omar Dengo (FOD) de Costa Rica, a non-profit that guides community members in developing education and tech innovations. The event, as described by speaker and Gorilla Jean Lescure, is, “a space for multidisciplinary minds to come together and learn what being a fullstack is all about.” The day will kick off bright and early with opening remarks at 9:00 AM. Following the introduction, Keynote style talks will commence, featuring some of the best developers in Costa Rica. In addition to Jean Lescure, there will be several Members of the Band speaking at Fullstack Day, including gorillas Gabo Esquivel, Randall Valenciano, Rodrigo Bartels, Raquel Fonseca and Víctor Guzmán. Below is a brief description of their presentations. To view the complete schedule for the day. 




Gorilla Jean Lescure is excited for this year’s Fullstack Day, and anticipates a great turnout for the event. “The response to the event has been quite overwhelming, we filled more than half of our full capacity in less than a day after announcing it. This, largely thanks to Gorilla’s help and influence. Five out of Seven speakers are Gorillas, and many of our colleagues at the office are top influencers in the web development community, so they spread the word mind-bendingly fast.”

In addition, Lescure hopes that Fullstack Day will eliminate misconceptions about being a Fullstack Dev, and even more so, help tech-minded individuals find personal growth in a community that shares a passion for learning many technologies without arbitrary boundaries limiting possibilities.

For more information on Fullstack Day 2016, please visit the event’s Facebook page.



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