5 More Reasons Costa Rica is the Ideal Place to Outsource Software Development

Thinking about outsourcing your software development? Have you considered Costa Rica? In Mario Merino’s previous post, he explained 10 reasons Costa Rica is the ideal nearshore location. In this post, I outline 5 more reasons your team should consider Costa Rica. 

1. Renewable Energy and Environment

Costa Rica is the world leader in clean energy and plans to become the first carbon-neutral nation in the world by 2021. The country has not had to burn any fossil fuels since 2014 and, in 2016, more than 98% of energy came from renewable sources for the second year in a row. 

The road to eliminating fossil fuels has been decades-long and began before climate change became a global concern. According to Nivela, a Costa Rica-based climate change think tank, they have been able to rely on clean energy from carbon-free hydropower for the majority of energy every year since 1989. This is due to hydroelectric power stations, powered by rain throughout the year, which generate about 80% of the country’s electricity. Consumers who have solar panels and other renewable energy systems are also allowed to directly store their surplus power in the national grid system. Finally, they are the only tropical country in the world that has reversed its deforestation. 

2. Advanced Telecommunications and Infrastructure

According to The Global Competitiveness Report, Costa Rica ranks 2nd in Latin America (behind Uruguay) in electricity and telephony infrastructure. The telecom sector provides quality, modern, and sophisticated services at low prices in all major urban areas. High-speed internet availability is growing at a fast pace, the country has the highest internet penetration in Latin America, the broadband network is one of the most developed in Central America, and interruptions are uncommon. 

3. Skilled Workforce

Costa Rica’s development strategy is based on human capital and a knowledge economy. This is evident in the country’s long-term commitment to investing in education and a strong emphasis on both English and computer skills from an early age. Costa Rica’s literacy rate is 97.4%, one of the highest in Latin America. The National Training Institute (INA) offers free technical training courses in numerous subjects and the technical schools and universities offer high caliber education in STEM fields.

More than 200 leading companies in medical, tech and advanced manufacturing sectors have expanded their operations to Costa Rica. According to José Rossi, President of the Board of Directors of the Costa Rica Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), Costa Rica is now a destination “where leading companies in high technology sectors are able to find efficiency, quality, and a highly skilled labor force that is able to carry out complex and innovative process, both in manufacturing and services.”

4. Professional Assistance from CINDE

The Costa Rica Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), is a private, non-profit and non-political organization that assists foreign corporations in efficiently establishing their operations in Costa Rica. CINDE has expert personnel who are able to provide free updated economic and business information and help initiate contact with needed professionals. To read more about CINDE please see Rachel Beisel’s interview with Vanessa Gibson, Director of Corporate Development and Investment Climate at CINDE. 

5. International Recognition 

According to the World Bank, Costa Rica “is a development success story in many respects”. This is due to the country’s strong ranking across many development indicators. These include poverty rates, education, technology, happiness, peace, health care coverage, stability, and business sophistication. In 2015-2016, Costa Rica ranked 1st in Latin America in labor-employer relations, 2nd in Latin America (behind Uruguay) in political stability, 2nd in Innovation in Latin America (behind Chile), 1st in Latin America in safety, and happiest country in the world for the 3rd time. 

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Daniela Prieto

I originally graduated as a Lawyer, but quickly realized that I wanted to work on the consulting side of business. I have dedicated most of my professional career to business advisory through technology, allowing me to have a broad perspective into processes, methodologies, and best practices in the market, specifically for management systems. In my spare time, I love getting lost in the mountains with my bike and trail dog.

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