5 Lessons Learned as a Technical Lead at Gorilla Logic


Being a Senior Consultant at Gorilla Logic is super fun, but it is even more fun leading a highly productive team under the nearshore business model. During my time at Gorilla Logic, I have had the opportunity to work as a Senior Consultant and as a Technical Lead on a very demanding set of services/products for companies that want to skyrocket their efficiency and revenue while maintaining quality, performance, and low technical debt.

Gorilla Logic differs from other companies in many regards; including seamless integration with clients’ processes, adaptability to change, Agile practices adoption, and high-quality outcomes. Gorilla Logic also has a proclivity for collaboration and problem resolution advocacy in addition to well-orchestrated sets of technical skills combined with soft skills.

During my first six months at this great company, I can say with confidence that it is one of the best places I have worked at. There have been several challenges and growth opportunities, important feedback from peers, given and taken. Because of that, I have had the opportunity to identify several lessons I’ve learned doing things the Gorilla Logic Way.


1. Accept Differences and Embrace them as Opportunities

Rather than seeing differences as threatening, embrace them as highly valuable learning opportunities. Not every person thinks the same way—solutions to problems are, more often than not, personalized expressions to issues. Diversity should only be viewed as an advantage. In diversity, we have the best mechanism for the natural selection of ideas, in which the best ones are kept and the not so good ones are let go. Learn to delegate and create a trust-based working environment for your peers.


2. Never Underestimate the Full Potential of Teamwork

TeamworkThe team is not the Tech Lead and the Tech Lead does not fully represent the variety of opinions, expertise, and knowledge of a team. Great outcome can be obtained from well orchestrated teamwork. The more ideas compiled for a given problem, the more discards there are. This translates to more organized mental models and creative ideas for problem resolution. Perspectives between team members can vary which only enriches the process and generates interesting and straightforward solutions to complex problems.


3. Coach your Team and Cultivate a Culture of Knowledge

Technical challenges can be stressful, even more so when technical knowledge is lacking due to inexperience. That is why cultivating a culture of knowledge and knowledge transfer is critical for the success of your team and every individual team member. Work closely on developing learning strategies that will positively impact your team’s perception on new technologies and mindsets. A team is as efficient as the sum of the efficiency of each individual team member. Incentivize learning new things, sharing knowledge, and getting out of your comfort zone more often.


4. Work Closely with your Scrum Master and Embrace Agile Methodologies

There is never enough emphasis on this one. Work closely with your Scrum Master. Your Scrum Master is your friend, is the person who has the responsibility to reinforce and educate the team in regards to Agile best practices. They can assist you and help the team grow and expand. They can listen to you and advise you when the hard moments arrive (there will be some). Also, work with the client. Listen to them, and help them become a better version of themselves with every iteration.


5. Be a Servant Technical Lead 

Just as your Scrum Master can be considered a Servant Leader, the Technical Lead can also be considered a Servant Technical Lead. Despite being the Technical Lead, you are not there to be served. In fact, it is the other way around. You are meant to serve the team in every aspect—unblock them, guarantee a pleasing working environment, and enable them to excel in their tasks and be as efficient as possible. This does not mean that there will not be moments when decisions will have to be made (by you). Such scenarios will happen. However, it is up to you to realize that you cannot please everyone. Also, remember not to be too hard on yourself as this can spoil things. Instead, understand and embrace these moments as realities that require your awareness.


Gorilla Logic has posed several challenges to my Technical Lead capabilities, despite having worked in the same position for other companies. Such challenges will always be present—they will always be part of the equation. The good news is that most of them are manageable and foreseeable.

I consider myself fortunate to be part of such a unique group. One that is truly different in many regards—we put people over processes; we have each other’s back and work as a team1; we understand the importance of team collaboration; and we care about the value we deliver to the client with every iteration. That’s the Gorilla Logic Way.


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1 Agile Manifesto https://agilemanifesto.org

Manuel Cerdas

Manuel Cerdas is a Sr. Web Consultant at Gorilla Logic. When he isn't learning new technologies, Manuel reads Sci-Fi books and rock climbs.

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