Vanessa Aristizábal

Accomplished geek | Anime and manga illustrator | Web Practice Lead

Vanessa’s career exemplifies one of her personal values: when you share what you know with others, you make everyone better. Even with a very busy schedule in progressively senior front-end and backend development roles, Vanessa is an active tech educator and mentor in her local developer and technology communities. In fact, based on her many achievements, Google recognized her as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Angular and Web Technologies. Vanessa’s love of learning led her to Gorilla Logic, where she saw tremendous opportunity to keep growing. In her role as Web Practice Lead, Vanessa is thrilled to combine her passion for technology with her love of teaching and mentoring others to find a path to grow and improve their own skills.

Vanessa’s geek roots go deep into her childhood, when she first learned about robots and Transformers, and she quickly discovered a talent for anime and manga style illustration that she continues as an adult. When she has time, Vanessa enjoys going to ComicCon-style events, and has been known to go in costume, though she doesn’t do that so much any longer. She is an avid writer, as well as reader and collector of books, especially books with beautifully illustrated covers.

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