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An Easy Way to Automate Web App Testing: Selenium WebDriver Tutorial

Article by Gorilla Logic

Aug 6, 2020 • ,,,,,,,,

Most of us find testing a web application to be very time-consuming and complex because there are so many scenarios to consider. If you automate testing with scripts, you can do the work once and then execute the script whenever you need to test, with little or no... Read more.

Azure Developer Tutorial: HTTP Trigger Functions with C# and .NET Core

Article by Gorilla Logic

Mar 14, 2019 • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

It is easy to implement a serverless function that can be accessed as an API. In this Azure developer tutorial, you will be given a step-by-step guide for developing your first Function Application with Azure, using C# and .Net Core with Visual Studio.   What is... Read more.

Java Integration with Amazon Cognito Developer Tutorial

Article by Gorilla Logic

Sep 10, 2018 • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In this developer tutorial, we are going to learn how to make an integration with Amazon Cognito using the Amazon Web Services software development kit (AWS SDK) for Java by providing some code samples and documentation. We are going to leverage AWS to integrate... Read more.

iBeacons and Hue Lights Tutorial Part 1: Introducing The Beacon Solution

Article by Gorilla Logic

Aug 10, 2017 • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

A small band of Gorillas created a three-week iBeacons and Hue Lights project using different technologies. In this four-part series we will elaborate on the three main goals of this project and provide a tutorial along the way: 1. Implement Beacon SDK to connect the... Read more.

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