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Karate vs REST-Assured: Comparing Powerful API Testing Frameworks

Article by Frederik Rodriguez

Oct 16, 2019 • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Modern development stacks are becoming increasingly reliant on splitting back-end development from front-end development. This paradigm brings several benefits to development teams: • Faster speed to market • Isolated points of failure • More rapid, agile, and... Read more.

WWDC Highlights Part 3 – Not Banana App Using Core ML

Article by Kyle Balogh

Jul 6, 2017 • ,,,,,,,,,,,

This  WWDC series  highlights new technologies and insights I took away from WWDC 2017.  My second post explored new drag and drop API. In this post, I demonstrate how easy it is to use the new Core ML framework.  The Silicon Valley “not hotdog” reference was used... Read more.

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