Susan McMynn

Alpaca rancher | Growth viber | Vice President Operations

From small-ish, scrappy, and highly successful startups like SolidFire to the largest of big tech like Microsoft, Susan’s operational adventures have led her and her family around the world. With a strong affinity for people and “connecting the human chain of activity in a way that makes sure everything is moving quickly,” Susan has led companies to evolve and mature how they work day-to-day and how they build to support growth. Now, attracted to the passion and warmth of the Gorilla band, Susan brings her exceptional skills in people, processes, and operations to Gorilla Logic.

Susan’s love of Agile goes back to her days at Skype, when it, too, was a scrappy startup. Susan loves the growth vibe of Agile and was one of the leaders that helped Skype transition to Agile, applying some of its principles to the company’s business operations.

When not at work, Susan’s home is filled with family, friends, food, and the sounds of Susan singing along to whatever music is wafting through the house—often country. For even more fun, Susan tends her seven, very sweet alpacas, which she originally acquired as a learning opportunity for her daughter. Now, the annual shearing has become a family affair, and they donate the fleece to the Navajo Nation.

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