Sumiko Carter

Volleyball Player | Peace Corps Volunteer | UI/UX Practice Lead

There are “left brain” thinkers, “right brain thinkers” – and Sumi. Trained in both studio art and mathematics, Sumi collaborates with clients, partners and teams to solve complex user interfaces. She then leads the creative vision from concept to completion. The result? Beautifully crafted designs that solve real problems, and enhance the customer experience.

After graduating from Middlebury College with a BFA in Studio Art and Mathematics, Sumi joined the Peace Corps. While in Kenya, she merged her two disciplines by teaching math and creating an independent arts curriculum. Additional post-graduate certifications in UX and Information Architecture, as well as Graphic and Web Design further shaped Sumi’s design philosophy and her approach to solving design challenges.

Sumi has served as an Interaction Designer for U.S. News & World Report, working with her engineering counterparts to solve design and front-end development challenges. Later, she worked as a Creative Director for top agencies – driving design for high profile companies such as the National Park Service and Eco Products.

“Gorilla Logic’s engagement model is exactly how I see the design world progress,” Sumi notes. It’s about being user- and developer-centric when creating designs versus designing for the designer’s interests.”

A Washington D.C. transplant, Sumi takes full advantage of Colorado’s year-round playground. When she’s not competing at beach doubles volleyball, Sumi can be found on the slopes, skate skiing and cross country skiing.

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