Sterling Engelhard

Entrepreneurial enthusiast | Speed demon | Senior Business Development Consultant

The entrepreneur’s mindset runs deep in Sterling’s DNA. Sterling grew up in a multinational family full of independent business owners spread across Argentina, Brazil, Japan, and Germany. Embracing the family tradition from an early age, Sterling started his own motocross racing team as a kid. Now, with a string of successful ventures under his belt, Sterling shares his experiences with others, mentoring Hispanic and Asian entrepreneurs through the Graduate School of Business at Stanford.

Sterling’s experience in technology and management consulting has given him deep insights into a wide variety of businesses and business channels. Drawing from his broad knowledge base, Sterling aims to build best practices for account management, working with prospective and existing clients, and across internal teams, to make sure clients find joy in working with Gorilla Logic.

Speed also runs in Sterling’s DNA. After a motocross racing accident left him in a wheelchair with compound fractures in both legs, Sterling pushed his doctors and rehab team to help him recover faster, so he could race again sooner. When he’s not involved in motocross, Sterling trains to race cars with AMG, runs triathlons, and enjoys time with his dog, Kleo, and his young daughter. Phew!

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