Ryan Lennox

Old-school hip-hop fan | Enthusiastic people leader | Sales Development Manager

Ryan’s background in sales for technology and services companies runs deep, driven by his love for growing businesses, his background includes managing the account development team at a B2B marketing platform company. Ryan joined Gorilla Logic excited about the opportunity to build a sales development program from the ground up, and he recently joined the company as its first Sales Development Manager.

Ryan’s focus revolves around building the sales development team and processes needed to grow and accelerate Gorilla Logic’s sales pipeline. With input from both the sales and marketing teams, Ryan works closely on the strategy for nurturing prospects into new business, from getting a foot in the door with the right buyers, to influencing the content, events, and webinars that grow interest throughout the buyer’s journey. Ryan is especially excited about Gorilla Logic’s highly collaborative and positive culture.

Ryan lives in Denver with his wife, their two- and four-year old kids, and their 150-pound Great Dane, Neighbor. While Ryan is highly energetic and passionate at work, when he is at home, he prefers to relax by reading and spending time with his family, camping, hiking, skiing, and just hanging out. Ryan loves playing with his kids, and has been known to dress up for them as characters from Frozen. He’s also a die-hard fan of old-school hip hop, from the 1980’s and 1990’s, and although he isn’t a musician himself, he has started to teach himself guitar.

Ryan Lennox Gorilla Logic
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