Rodrigo Molina

Coffee Lover | Pink Floyd Fan | DevOps Practice Lead

When we asked Rod how he channels his inner Gorilla, he promptly replied, “It starts with a good cup of coffee!” (We can totally relate). Since joining Gorilla Logic, Rod has also embraced the community-driven culture and forward-thinking mentality that truly defines our Gorillas. As our DevOps Practice Lead, Rod not only tackles some of our clients’ biggest technology challenges, he also devotes his time to teaching and mentoring his colleagues.

“Since joining Gorilla Logic, I have met so many people who have taught me and allowed me to share my knowledge. Now I attend meet-ups and give talks about the latest technologies at community events – it has opened so many doors for me,” says Rod.

“The people here are all geeks who are incredibly smart,” Rod continues. “My client work is always thrilling, always bleeding edge. I’m fortunate to be on a team that always gets to try new things.”

It’s pretty easy to spot Rod outside of Gorilla Logic. He’s the strapping, 6’2” guy walking around with two adorable miniature poodles. Like all Gorillas, he’s a big music fan (“I keep saying that I will learn to play a musical instrument before I die!”). In the meantime, he’s content listening to bands such as Pink Floyd and Tool. And if you need someone watch a horror flick with you, Rod is your guy.

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