Rodrigo Bartels

Scholar | Soccer Fan | Senior Solutions Architect

When asked what it means to be a Gorilla, Rodrigo Bartels is quick to answer, “Doing as much as I can, as best as I can.” As Senior Solutions Architect, he leverages his deep knowledge across all of Gorilla Logic’s practice areas to create solutions that address our clients’ unique business and technical requirements. Rodrigo participates in discovery calls, gathering technical requirements, structuring teams and mapping out project plans – ensuring our clients have the right skills and resources throughout their engagement.

During his two years at Gorilla Logic, Rodrigo has worked with clients ranging from nimble startups to high growth ecommerce companies. His bachelors and masters degrees in computer science, along with his studies in economics, law and political science, allow him to take a holistic approach to solution development.

“The cool thing about economics is that it applies to everything in life, especially how to solve problems with limited resources” says Rodrigo. “It’s pretty awesome to be presented with a set of goals and constraints and come up with the best solution that takes factors like resource allocation and dependency management into account.”

Outside the office, you’ll find Rodrigo on campus at the University of Costa Rica where he’s both a researcher and a professor. When he’s not teaching computer science, Rodrigo is hitting the books for his master’s degree in international trade and commerce. He has presented over 15 papers at Computer Science conferences worldwide, including those that explore ways to get more women involved in computer science, e-government public policies and software architecture. Rodrigo’s study breaks usually involve playing and watching soccer (“World Cup is super awesome”), reading historical novels, and spending time with his wife and three dogs.

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