Rodolfo Campos

Challenge lover | Ethical hacker | Security Practice Lead

Drawing inspiration from Kobe Bryant, Rodolfo aspires to be the best ethical hacker he can be, striving to find the positive in everything, as well as the opportunity to grow. Although his first ambition was to become an architect, he discovered that he could build things in software when he got his first computer at nine-years old so he chose to become a developer instead. Rodolfo developed a keen interest in cyber security early in his career as a developer, and it quickly became his passion. Impressed by Gorilla Logic’s strong reputation for high quality work, Rodolfo pursued and finally landed a role as Senior Python Developer. He then applied that same perseverance to earning a rapid promotion to Security Practice Lead.

In his new role, Rodolfo is excited to foster a robust, security-first approach to development. He is creating a Threat Intelligence Platform that will share the latest vulnerabilities, tips, and security best practices across the entire organization, as well as a quarterly security bulletin. He’s collaborating across all teams to raise awareness about security and embed best practices across the software development lifecycle for all projects.

Rodolfo eats, sleeps, and breathes security, even when he’s not working. Sometimes, his wife has to text him reminders to eat. They do find time to watch thriller and horror movies together, and Rodolfo’s favorite TV show is, of course, Mr. Robot. Rodolfo constantly challenges himself in his personal life, too, having learned from an early experience with body suspension that everything was possible if he was willing to embrace challenge and work hard.

RodolfoCampos Gorilla Logic
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