Robert Pangilinan

Singer | Basketball Player | Area Engineering Manager

Ask Robert to share what he likes best about being a Gorilla, and he’ll tell you that it’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing.

“That’s a hard question,” Robert readily admits. “I really like how Gorilla Logic embraces Agile. (Gorilla Logic co-founders) Stu and Ed preach Agile, and really understand it. And the people here are great. They have amazing skills, experience and attitude. The Gorillas are so energized which makes work fun.”

As an Agile development leader, Robert enjoys providing clients with fresh, forward-thinking solutions to their business challenges. And as an Area Engineering Manager, he finds serving as a resource for his fellow Gorillas to be one of the most rewarding aspects of his job.

“I’m a big fan of mentoring people,” Robert notes. “I really enjoy helping technology professionals get to where they want to be in their careers.”

Robert likes to take his downtime on the road – going for long drives to admire Costa Rica’s amazing scenery. While an injury has kept him off the courts, he enjoys coaching corporate basketball teams for companies he has worked for, as well as high school students during their summer breaks. A talented singer, Robert used to perform in three different bands ranging from old school rock and roll to heavy metal. We’re still waiting for him to make his debut at one of Gorilla Logic’s Geek Jams!

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