Reynaldo Guerrero

Costa Rican coffee aficionado | Cat lover | Backend Practice Lead

A software engineer by training, Reynaldo started his career as a Java developer, and rapidly progressed to more senior roles, including as a technical lead working with companies in a broad range of industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, agriculture, e-commerce and more. Attracted by the opportunity to grow even more through working with global clients, Reynaldo joined Gorilla Logic as a Technical Lead. Now, in his new role as Practice Lead, he is helping to grow the company’s backend expertise. He is especially focused on developing deep skills in developing apps and infrastructure that leverages cloud computing. Practice Lead is a natural fit for Reynaldo, whose favorite question is, “How can I help?” Reynaldo is both a lifelong learner and a sharer of knowledge, as he firmly believes learning together is how we all grow.

Reynaldo jogs every day, usually listening to heavy metal when he does. He’ll switch to classical or smooth prog depending on what he’s doing, and he likes to dance salsa and merengue. He is also a musician, playing keyboards and singing in the choir for five years when he was at university. He is a full-time dad to two daughters and a cat, and loves spending time with them and his wife.

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