Randy Jimenez

Reader |Chess Player | Band Manager

Randy is a voracious reader; getting his hands on any book about philosophy, psychology and human behavior. Which is just one of the reasons why he excels in his role as Area Engineering Manager (AEM) for Gorilla Logic. Understanding and supporting a diverse group of developers – each with their unique personalities and talents – helps him deliver everything they need to best serve our clients.

I really enjoy helping people succeed in their jobs and grow professionally,” Randy explains. “I’m passionate about working with people and studying human behavior and psychology. This job allows me to bring the best of my abilities and the experience I have gathered from previous positions.”

A Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) and Product Owner® (CSPO), Randy heard great things about Gorilla Logic through current and former colleagues.

“Gorilla Logic is a trending company. Everyone is talking about Gorilla Logic, including competitors,” Randy notes. “Some of the brightest minds from previous jobs were already working for Gorilla Logic so I was sure there was something remarkable about this company.”

Away from the office Randy can be found running – clocking 8 – 13 kilometers each day. He also loves a good game of chess saying, “A good chess game is almost poetic to me.” Like many Gorillas, Randy enjoys traveling, citing New York, Miami and Washington D.C. among his favorite cities to visit. However, he’s always happy to return to his job.

“The skills that I’ve acquired in my previous jobs are perfect for Gorilla Logic,” Randy says. “I’ve never been happier. I think I’ve found the perfect match for my abilities.”

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