Paola Calderón

Runner | Master’s candidate | Area Engineering Manager

Paola embodies what it means to be a Gorilla. Friendly, open-minded, and funny – she is always up for a new challenge. She started her career at Gorilla Logic as a software developer, and quickly expanded her skills to become a DevOps engineer, eventually being promoted to a technical lead position. Paola’s natural leadership skills and technology expertise allowed her to step into an Area Engineering Manager (AEM) role. As AEM, Paola helps her team members advance in their careers by finding opportunities to maximize their skills and take on new challenges.

Paola joined Gorilla Logic after a stint at HP. While she wasn’t expecting to change companies, she realized that the location, autonomy and caliber of projects that Gorilla Logic offered was a natural fit. In addition to taking on complex technical projects, Paola cites interacting with her clients and team members as her favorite part of the job.

“There is a stereotype that “geeks” tend to be antisocial. However, the opposite can be true, especially at Gorilla Logic. Like my fellow Gorillas, I love the technical aspect of my job as well as the daily interactions,” says Paola. ”It allows me to be a leader and help my teammates improve their skills and move up in their careers.”

Outside of Gorilla Logic, Paola likes to travel around the world with her camera (“Iceland is mind-blowing.”). She is also training for a marathon and working on her master’s thesis in bioinformatics – a discipline that combines biology and computer science. While her music playlist varies by season, the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody are usually in heavy rotation.

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