Minor Madrigal

Soccer Fanatic | Psychology Enthusiast | Software Architecture Practice Lead

Minor’s role at Gorilla Logic has a multitude of components. As a Software Architecture Practice Lead he defines development standards, supports project requirements, and coaches other developers. His appreciation for technically complex responsibilities and strong social skills fueled his drive to work towards this role.

Minor has 13 years of experience in the industry and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He used these skills in various roles at Gorilla Logic, including Lead Java Developer and Java Architect before being promoted. Now, he brings his experience to the table as a Software Architecture Practice Lead. When describing his experience at work, Minor says the team at Gorilla Logic is the best team he’s ever worked with. He also comments, “There are only rock stars on our team.”

“Guns N’ Roses” are frequently flowing through his headphones and during his time off, you’ll likely find him hiking, visiting national parks in Costa Rica, or mentoring an industry novice.

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