Mike Mclaughlin

Sports fan | Lifelong techie | Sales Development Representative

For Mike, tech with sales is like peanut butter with jelly—it’s a naturally great combination. He loves sales because it gives him the opportunity to make an impact with a client, starting with fully understanding their needs. And he has loved technology of all kinds since he was young, with a special affinity for all things mobile. Mike came to Gorilla Logic from his most recent sales position at a cloud startup, attracted by a culture of passionate people committed to technology and growth. In his role as Sales Development Representative, Mike is focused on building relationships with prospects and helping nurture them into clients.

When he’s not busy working, Mike is an enthusiastic member of the Buffalo Bills mafia, though he is quick to note that he limits his participation to attending games and supporting from the sidelines (the Bills mafia has a well-earned reputation for rowdiness). He also loves soccer and hockey, and plays softball and boxes for fitness. He spends time with his friends and family, and loves touring the local breweries.

Mike McLaughlin Gorilla Logic
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