Miguel Teheran

Community builder | Inspired traveler | Backend Practice Lead

Attracted by the opportunity to challenge himself with learning new things, Miguel came to Gorilla Logic as a Senior Software Consultant, bringing years of backend development experience with him. Sharing knowledge is as important as learning for Miguel, and he is a founding member of Avanet, a community of developers in Medellín that provides networking, training, and education for aspiring young developers. He’s also a very active presenter and participant at developer conferences, earning himself a Microsoft Most Valuable Player (MVP) designation in Developer Technologies. All of Miguel’s passions come together in his new role as Backend Practice Lead, drawing on his deep knowledge of development, passion for building communities, and sharing what he knows with others.

As Practice Lead, Miguel is focused on building deeper engagement with the Backend Practice, an especially critical challenge with remote work having become the norm. Whether he’s encouraging developers to embrace presenting their ideas to others, or helping them build deeper technical skills and certifications, Miguel is on a mission to help others learn more and challenge themselves.

When he is not at work, Miguel loves to spend time with friends and family including his girlfriend and cat, Mona. He’s an avid traveler, and has journeyed throughout Latin America, and deeply enjoyed getting to know new people, places, and cultures. Passionate about social justice issues and working together with others to create change, his favorite movie is Remember the Titans, an inspirational story of how a newly-integrated high school football team in 1971 Alexandria, Virginia created community and change.

Miguel Tehran Gorilla Logic
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