Miguel Alvarado

Father | Outdoorsman | DevOps Practice Lead

As a DevOps Practice Lead, Miguel works with a team of developers and finds solutions to our clients’ complex technology challenges. He says that having a true passion for technology, a great attitude, and communication skills are key to being successful as a DevOps Practice Lead. Miguel also explains that it’s important to go beyond his role as an individual and focus on helping his team succeed.

Miguel knew he was interested in technology from a young age. Building things with his dad was a big part of his childhood and computers were one of the things they often built together. He was formatting computers by the age of eight. Before he started at Gorilla Logic, he heard about the culture from friends and knew it would be an excellent fit. Today, he’s happy to be in a role that allows him to do the work he loves and think outside the box.

In his time off, you can find Miguel enjoying the outdoors, taking photographs of his favorite places, and checking items off his long bucket list. He currently spends a lot of time running, swimming, and cycling in preparation for a triathlon. He also enjoys relaxing with a cup of tea, traveling, and spending time with his daughter.

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