Melania Madriz

Pioneer of human resources | Master of picadillos | Global Director of Human Resources

With more than 15 years as a human resources professional with multiple high-growth companies, Melania has been described as a pioneer of HR best practices for outsourcing companies in Latin America. She loves her work because every day is different, and she is always challenged to learn and adapt. When Gorilla Logic offered her an opportunity to establish an HR organization that would operate as a business partner to the company’s different departments and that focused solely on employees, with a separate team focused on recruiting, she jumped at the chance. Now, as Global Director of Human Resources, Melania has set her sights on building a truly global HR organization, developing consistent policies and processes across the different countries where Gorilla Logic operates, increasing employee engagement and retention in the post-pandemic world, and elevating the role of human resources to a strategic driver of growth for Gorilla Logic.

As a human resources leader, Melania is very team-oriented and she enjoys coaching teams and individuals to grow. She is an active listener and approaches each conversation with an open mind, always seeking input and ideas that open new ideas and new doors.

For Melania, family always comes first, and she enjoys spending time at home with her husband, daughter, son, dog (Torivio) She credits her parents with giving her the support and encouragement to pursue her professional successes, and a strong work ethic. Coming from a family of accomplished cooks, Melania enjoys making and sharing amazing food with her extended family. She is best known for incomparable picadillos, which no one has been able to compete with, even using her closely-guarded recipe. She also loves making desserts, especially her famous chocolate cake and all types of cookies.

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