Matt Moore

Explorer | Phish Fan | Recruiter

Matt is an explorer. After moving to Colorado five years ago, he worked in customer service and merchandising roles, before setting out to explore Southeast Asia. Matt taught English in Vietnam for six months before returning to Colorado and finding a home at Gorilla Logic. As a recruiter, Matt seeks out top-tier technical talent in the U.S. and Costa Rica for our clients.

“I wanted my next position to be with a company in the software industry,” says Matt. “I knew immediately that Gorilla Logic was going to be a good fit. They are a well-established company with a startup attitude doing incredible things in software development. Seeing all the band equipment for their monthly Geek Jams was also exciting.”

According to Matt, the best part of his job is interacting with talented people while learning about the cutting-edge technologies they use in their daily roles. As Matt notes, “You have to be dedicated and willing to dig into new concepts and figure things out. Understanding the different technologies allows me to make a bigger impact within the company by identifying the best talent for our clients.”

Matt takes advantage of all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer including golf and snowboarding. Traveling is also a passion of his, with Southeast Asia being one of his favorite destinations. And like all Gorillas, Matt enjoys live music and is a Phish superfan. He also enjoys listening to My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, the Grateful Dead and emerging artist, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong (we challenge you to come up with a cooler name for a band).

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